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    I am a healthcare administrator living in Franklin TN. I love Star Wars and the impact on community that the Legion has. I am proud to serve the Legion and MidSouth Garrison.
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  1. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    I see you here as full access, can you still not see anything?
  2. Let Me In...LOL!

    Look forward to your approval! We did need to lock the events section down to external view, as soon as you are approved we'll upgrade your access. Juno is a great character! Love her story, I really wish they had made Force Unleashed III and continued it. Part II was something of a mess though! LOL
  3. New to Nashville

    Welcome! Happy to help!
  4. Hello Msg- Update

    Fanboy Expo Oct 6-8 is prob the next thing there!
  5. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    all fixed up! Welcome! Look forward to trooping with you!
  6. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    Welcome Dustin! Got you fixed up!
  7. Aloha from the Pacific Outpost

    Welcome Glenn - I fixed up your access, the Memphis crew is very active and welcoming. I'll send them a message to check here.
  8. Board access please?

    you got it!
  9. Board access please?

    Welcome! Got you fixed up! Look forward to trooping soon! Are you interested in joining the music city squad as well?
  10. Looking to join

    Welcome to the group! I am in Franklin, and work in Brentwood. The detachments really are the best place to go for info. Let us know when you get your gloves and are ready to get out there with us!
  11. Question about Boots.

    I've had decent luck at soviet boots if you have a regular sized foot. I always say don't cheap out on footwear, get the best you can. http://www.sovietboots.com
  12. TK-57130 is on deck!

    got member access added for you guys! Welcome! Looking forward to trooping with you all!
  13. Introduction

    welcome! Saw ya on social media! Looking forward to trooping with you!
  14. Access to the boards

    Aurore, I know the difficulties there of volunteering to handle without being able to see the events, we had restricted access to active folks due to some other problems. I can talk to the team and see about looking at that decision some.