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  1. Working toward TK # from Mt. Juliet

    Welcome to MSG. Wealth of knowledge here to help complete your path to the dark side.
  2. Hello From Louisville

    Welcome to the MSG!
  3. Hello from Virginia!

    Welcome from one Dark Lord of the Sith to another. I recognize your screen name from SLD.
  4. Dune Sea Garrison Transfer

    Welcome to the Garrison from one newbie to another!
  5. Sith Lord Candidate

    Got it, thanks Dune!
  6. Sith Lord Candidate

    Thanks for the welcomes! Tambo, it would be a pleasure to set it up for a 501st event. Just let me know. It is my understanding you all meet every week? When and where is the next meeting? Thinking about stopping by and checking you all out at Toys R Us next week.
  7. Sith Lord Candidate

    Greetings, My name is Jacob Carpenter, I am active duty Army stationed at Fort Campbell and live in Clarksville with my family. I am currently working on a ROTS Darth Vader, with a projected completion date of sometime next year. I met a two members and a spouse of a member from the Garrison at the Memphis Comic and Science Fiction Covention last weekend, who inspired me to contact the Garrison and create a profile. I would like to know the location and time of your next meeting so that perhaps I can stop by. Look forward into meeting some of you and becoming a future full-fledged member of the 501st. Thanks. Jake Below is a picture of the 501st member "Nuke" posing with my Lego Star Destroyer "Avenger". IMG_2136 by SDIronClaw, on Flickr