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    I'm interested in joining the 501st very soon and I am looking to doing some awesome charity work with all of you.
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  1. Leaving For Alaska

    Thank you
  2. Leaving For Alaska

    JonWayne yes please. I will definitely try to keep in touch you guys. I had lots of fun helping with the troops there and I will miss them as well as all of you guys.
  3. Leaving For Alaska

    I will if you do the same :-)
  4. Leaving For Alaska

    Hey guys, James and I are leaving for Alaska tomorrow. We had a terrific time trooping with you guys. Hopefully some day we can do it again. I hope it is not inappropriate to ask that if someone has a 12 inch Midsouth Garrison patch that you are willing to sell me please let me know, I really want to sew it onto my coat. Good luck in all your troops and "May the Dark Side be with you all"
  5. Where would someone look for tie fighter info
  6. New To Msg

    Another drawn to the dark side by our free cookies
  7. New To Tennessee, New To Msg

    Welcome to the dark side
  8. Introducing: Kaity Clements!

    Welcome to the dark side
  9. Hey All!

    Hi and welcome. This is a great group of people. I've had fun on every event I've been to.
  10. Hello!

    Hi and welcome. This is truely a great group of people. I've had fun on all the events I've been to.
  11. hi

    I really want to come out and see all you guys. I saw some of you at the Clarksville mall back in July, when you guys were raising money for Make-A-Wish. And I am hoping to get several uniforms and help out with the charities and such.
  12. hi

    Hi my name is Joshua Bohling. I just signed up. I am hoping to join the 501st within the next few months when I finally my appropriate costume and sych.