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  1. Here's a shot for y'all When I first got the mask, she wouldn't go near it now she knows that Daddy is in there and whenever she sees Tuskens on the movies she points & lets the whole room know that that's her daddy.
  2. Well, We're going to be out that way the end of this month with really nothing to do from 1-31 thru 2-3 in between appointmentsand such. After that, we don't know yet. As soon as I find out, I'll be back on here. If things stay as they are, with trips every 6-8 weeks, we'll be back out that way around Mid March. Thank you all for the welcomes & well wishes for my daughter. She was diagnosed rith Retinoblastoma, a cancer that affects the eyes of children birth - 6 years old. she was diagnosed on 12-4 & we were at St Jude the next week. the cancer advanced so far, so fast, the had to remove her left eye. when we come back that way the end of the month, they're doing a lumbar puncture & spinal tap to make sure no cancer got from the eye into the socket itself. & on 2-4 we get to spend all day at the oculist getting fitted for her prosthetic. I'm calling patient services tomorrow to see who I would talk to about setting up a troop for the kids & what all that entails. Once I get all of the info, I'll pass it on here and get the contact info to the command staff so you guys can troop there more often if you like
  3. OK, the title pretty much says it. My name is Phil harley and I'm a 70th explorers member who's daughter will be visiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital from time to time. My current costume is an ANH tusken & I have a set of phase 1 clone on the workbench waiting to be finished. I'm based out of Wichita, KS which allows me to troop with both the 70th and Star Garrisons. I got the idea to get on the boards so I can see when & if there are any events in the Memphis area that will coincide with our trips out your way. I was also wondering if there are any members in the Memphis area that would be up for a few hours at St. Jude for the kids. After all, we are the bad guys who do good. Hope to hear from y'all soon. Phil DZ-5397