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    Interested in joining the 501st. I live in Hendersonville TN area. I am a 38yo husband and father of 2. Lifelong SW fan and Stormtrooper fan. Interested in Stormtrooer Heavy Weapons Trooper.
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  1. Folks in the know, Is there any plan for a prop / build assistance party/gathering??? I am in Hendersonville & have a decent size garage/patio area for a group if you want to have it at my place. If not, maybe another place more centralized ( have kit, will travel). I have started on some of my TK build but am much more of a visual/hands-on learner & would love to see inspect some armor (+ get some experienced help) to help me go faster. I received my new MTK helmet and am ready to kick this in high gear now. LMK thoughts. Griffin
  2. I have a set that I will donate to the MSG. It it beautiful stained wood grain. We could get a decal or sticker of the 501st logo and poly over it. My dad makes them, I just paint them. We tried something different with the stained sets for a winery, and it is cheaper to buy big sheers of ply than little sheets, so we have an extra set collecting dust. Folding legs, handles, heavy duty (dad builds them to hold his weight (225)' if it can hold him it will hold any kid jumping/playing on it). Just let me know & I can make it happen.
  3. Depends on if you can throw it that far. ;-)
  4. She is 17 months. We have lots of SW toys around the house.....every time she sees a Trooper (CT, TK, TD) she yells DaDa. Pretty funny. i can definetly host a prop build/ daycare in the spring when it gets warmer. Prop build, kids running wild, and some grilled food ( maybe a beverage of choice too).
  5. Hyperfirm DLT19 arrived today. The jawa-like creature at home seems to have taken a liking to it as well. Will have to work out a trade, usually a dum-dum does the trick. Do not want to make them mad. :-)
  6. Cody, Where are you in Hendersonville? I am out close to SCHS. Biker & clone prob have a lot of basic build foundations that will apply to my TK. Maybe we could meet up since you seem and I could see your stuff/ get some tips.
  7. When can we have a TK build event. I will host at the house. Plenth of room in garage and patio. I have seen posts from other garrisons doing these to work on new kits and upgrade existing kits. Could even offer some grub and beverages as bribery/payment for some extra help. I am going to need some shims to make some parts meet......where do I get more abs plastic???? I was thinking of hand painting the whole helmet eventually. You are correct the bubble lenses were all wonky. What color blue for the tube stripes??? (Same blue as the buttons???) I am thinking I will have all my parts, paint, rivets, straps, shoes ans neck seal compiled in a couple of weeks. Should be ready to go then. Want to attend a good event to check out others first and take some reference pics before I start too I am so excited to start but so scared to screw it up too. Newbie nerves. :-)
  8. Cracked leg piece. This side and area is much thinner than the rest of the piece
  9. 4 pics in photobucket folder (let me know of there is a better way to post) http://s1321.beta.photobucket.com/user/Thi247/media/image_zps710c4f20.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 1. Pic of damage to leg piece ( this side seems much thinner than the rest of the piece. May have been a mold or production error?) 2. Damage to frown sticker/ decal 3 & 4. Cosmetic scrapes and scratched to bucket Let me know your thoughts. Anything else I need to look at regarding the out of box pieces????
  10. The kit looks good. Helmet is in rough shape, lots of scuffs and marks. Decal/sticker on frown is ripped, not sure if I can get a replacement or will need to hand-paint. On of the thigh pieces is cracked on the top at the foldover edge, I guess there is a way to fix. Need to get all of my small parts now (rivets, snaps, magnets, Velcro, straps, foam, etc....).
  11. THE BOX.got here.today.........now the fun starts.
  12. Nylon Webbing - what size, color, how much? Rare Earth Magnets - how many, what size? Elastic - what size, color, how much? Velcro - what size, color, how much? Nomex gloves - suggested supplier or just get it? Rivets and Rivet Gun - suggested supplier or just get it? I am good on the Drexel, clamps, cutting tools and straight edge. Will order the belt and Tandy leather snaps. If you think of anything else let me know.
  13. Canada Post tracking number says the big brown box should arrive by the 18th. Eastbay undersuit should arrive tomorrow. TK boots on order, Darman Neckseal on order.......what else do I need day 1???
  14. Robbie, that sounds like a plan. Looking forward to it.
  15. From what I read, I will need the black undersuit in order to properly fit the kit when it arrives. Is the Easbay Evapor the best way to go??? Do I need a crew neck or mock turtle neck on the shirt??? Trying to do it right the first time. Thanks