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  1. New Nash.villain.

    Welcome to the MSG
  2. Hello From Louisville!

    Welcome Travis Awesome looking proton pac
  3. Welcome to the Garrison Erik
  4. Hi Guys! Noobie Here

    Welcome to MSG Chris
  5. From The Dune Sea To Nashville

    Welcome to the Garrison Mike
  6. With Love From Lexington

    Hey Kelly Welcome to MSG Best Garrison in the Galaxy
  7. Leaving For Alaska

    Safe journey into the land of Hoth or something like it.
  8. Hello From Northern Kentucky

    Welcome to the MSG...
  9. Hello From Falmouth, Ky

    Welcome Cody to the MSG.
  10. Memphis Wookiee

    Welcome to the Southern end of the country.
  11. Hello From Louisville Ky.

    Hey Mike welcome and glad to see more interest in the immediate area.
  12. Aspiring 501St Member Saying Hello

    Welcome Jack to MSG.
  13. Howdy From The Carolinas!

    Hey Tom welcome to MSG.
  14. Welcome to the forums Corey and maybe with a little persuasion your fiancé will come over to the costuming side.
  15. Greetings from Knoxville

    Welcome to MSG Erik
  16. Greetings From Scruffy Knoxville

    Salutations Pat and welcome to MSG...
  17. South East Tennessee

    Welcome Ed to MSG
  18. Greetings Msg!

    Welcome to the MSG
  19. Hello From Sunny Korea!

    Welcome to the MSG and congrats on you retirement, looking forward to meeting and seeing you and the family participating within the Garrison.
  20. Hello From Radcliff Kentucky

    Hey Brandon welcome to the MSG. Once you start coming to events it'll make your spin at the number of people you'll meet within the garrison. Look forward to meeting you..
  21. Hello To All

    Greetings Kyle and welcome to MSG you should find plenty of interest in building your kit within these boards as there are plenty of experienced builders on hand.
  22. Greetings From Kentucky!

    Greetings Dennis and welcome to MSG
  23. Just Shipped In From Knoxville, Tn

    Hey Zach Welcome to the MSG and yes I'm sure someone can show you some of the tricks of the trade as there is a whole galactic cruiser full of them on the boards.
  24. Saying Hey From Murray

    Welcome Tyler to the MSG. It's always fun to have new members joining the boards, I've got a trooper I'll hopefully have done this year myself..
  25. Hello To All!

    Welcome aboard Annie and can't wait to see your kit..