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  1. Hello To All In The Midsouth Garrison

    Salutations Michael and welcome to MSG..
  2. Greetings From Louisville!

    Welcome Travis to MSG and hope life in Lou is working good for you.
  3. Hey Jason greetings and welcome to MSG...
  4. Lostagain Saying Howdy Hey From Ky

    Welcome to MSG and have they pulled all the vets out of the hole yet?
  5. Tr- 10269 Says, "hello From Evansville, In (Bg)!"

    welcome TR10269 to MSG.
  6. Su'cuy Vod (Hello Brother)

    Welcome to the MSG train hop aboard find yourself a seat and strike up a conversation...
  7. Greetings From Clarksville!

    welcome aboard the MSG
  8. Hello From Bloodfin Garrison (Evansville, In)

    Greetings and welcome too the boards.
  9. Hello From Indiana!

    Welcome to the group and make yourself at home there's plenty of friendly conversation going on around here.
  10. Back after a long hiatus from the forums

    congrats TK 62762 long overdue for you I'm sure
  11. Hi. I've been a member for a while and not much for posting. I've been to a few events and assisted for time to time when I can. I've received a clone trooper costume for a gift a while back and between life and other projects I've been tied up. I hope to start on this project soon so I can get approved in the famous 501st and start official trooping. I look forward to meeting and further trooping with the group.
  12. Salutations To All In The Msg

    It was great meeting and talking to you Dave and a lot of the other members. I'm looking forward to becoming a member too...
  13. Hello From Ohio!

    Greetings and welcome to MSG...
  14. Hello

    Hey Alan; Welcome aboard, looking forward to seeing you grow in all things Star Wars...
  15. Salutations To All In The Msg

    Hey Steve; That's for the welcome., I'll try to make sure I'm not tooooo close to any of the sabers or blaster bolts.
  16. Salutations To All In The Msg

    TK Fett-Hey Tyler how you doing? Haven't talked to you in a while. OK, Thanks for the info and I'll check it out next time I'm at Hobby lobby or someplace like that. thanks on shoes yea my lovely wife picked them up for me as a surprise. JW3032- Ok now I know what uncle was talking about thanks. No problem on not having extra boots (those are one of those things I usually like to buy new). I can check out you KW pattern and we can talk about it though. Roger on the lickie/chewies I get on CT.n soon and start my adventure. Thanks again.
  17. Salutations To All In The Msg

    jw- yes I remember meeting you at JDRF and speaking some. Sounds like you've got a small warehouse of items there. Boots.. Uncle- not sure what your talking about on the boots "crows or $30 payless" are they (crow's) a brand name? and what is Zap-a-gap and Zip-kicker you talked about earlier? draggonhammer- nice to make your acquaintance.
  18. Salutations To All In The Msg

    Uncle- Zap-a-gap & Kick starter?? shoot! I mean zip-kicker JW- OSCS?, I'm pretty sure it'll be enough I'm 6'3" about 230lbs. pretty lean build. There is suspenders, 2" web belt w/Q-Dis buckle and 3ea 1/2" straps approx. 8-10" w/Velcro strip approx. 4"
  19. Salutations To All In The Msg

    The return address is a Kevin Weir and inside the box is a business card for Imperial Surplus from San Diego comacon. Hope that is help full.
  20. Salutations To All In The Msg

    It's a EP III ROTS clone trooper, I'm guessing that makes a difference for assembly?
  21. Salutations To All In The Msg

    sl100-I think were on the schedule for wonder fest. I'll be great to meet you all. jw3032-Hey that's great JW I'll look forward to the assistance.
  22. Salutations To All In The Msg

    Thanks for the offer Uncle, I'll look forward to the event, just let me know the dates. That way I can bounce it against my schedule.
  23. Salutations To All In The Msg

    Just outside of Louisville (I'm on a lone outpost keeping an eye on the blowing sands). BTW thanks for the links. Yea if were not to far extra hands are always welcome.
  24. Salutations To All In The Msg

    Thanks for the warm welcomes and I'll attempt to answer your questions. CC5707-Thanks, KY, and Clonetrooper APPO. Fallen Jedi- Thank you for the welcome. dogsondagobha- It's good to be here. Mckeel- hey alex Hawk- Nice to meet you. rdhawk- OK, I'll make sure to keep my head down...Thanks for the link and advice. I'll have to get the camera out and take some starting shots. jw3230- Thanks for the welcome and letting me know about some of the local legends. I'll make sure I keep an eye out for their advice. CT.net? clonetrooper net I'm assuming? sl100- I didn't realize there were that many clone suits around to compare with the TKs. Sounds like the TKs may have some competition in the future. lc jedi- Appreciate the welcome. Sith Lord 66- Good to meat you on the boards BTW I found this image on line, liked it so I added it to my avatar. Hope it doesn't bother anyone.