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  1. Hi guys I'm Zac

    Well I really want to find a commander deviss kit for a good price and change it into a bounty hunter style character with my own additions. But whe. I google the kits nothing comes up. If I could spend more time and money on the modifications rather that the armor it's self I could make armor that would look sick
  2. Hi guys I'm Zac

    Cool so where are the molds bought from
  3. Hi guys I'm Zac

    So I signed up with the clone detachment but can't seem to post a topic. Are Luke and Clonezilla on this forum or the clone detach?
  4. Hi guys I'm Zac

    I mean I'm new to this but are most of these helmets made from scratch or is there a mold?
  5. Hi guys I'm Zac

    So I was pretty excited to hear about this Garrison. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and I also do a lot of mission/charity work, and also I'm a sculpture/ visual artist, so when I heard more about the 501st I was all in. Im looking for help on creating a clone commander deviss costume. Any advice would be much appreciated