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  1. Hello From Fort Campbell (Deployed)

    Looking forward to meeting you.
  2. Hello From Fort Campbell (Deployed)

    Welcome Alex, I live outside of Clarksville and troop a TK as well as I've made Jawas for 2 of my own kids. Feel free to contact me if you need help or advice.
  3. Transferred Tk

    Welcome to Nashville Craig. We have a large group of TK's here and always need more. See you at an event soon.
  4. Hi From Sting The Newbie!

    STING!!! welcome aboard buddy.
  5. Hi From Sting The Newbie!

    STING!!! welcome aboard buddy.
  6. New To The 501St

    Welcome. I'm located near Clarksville myself.
  7. Hello From Sunny Korea!

    Welcome. We have a troop in Nashville on Saturday, your more then welcome to come hang out and meet some of the guys. We should have a couple TK's for you to check out.
  8. Greetings From Clarksville!

    Welcome aboard. I'm in Clarksville as well as are several others. Just yell if you have any questions.
  9. Hello

    Welcome, I have the same issue with working Sunday nights but I try to come out for like 3 hrs to get questions answered, advice and share stories. You wouldn't have to commit the entire day.