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  1. Thanks for all the warm welcomes guys! Can't wait to get my armor built and get out there with you guys!
  2. If my TM kit gets in quickly and I get to work I may be able to take part in Free Comic Book Day. Thanks guys!
  3. TM, after asking around on the FISD boards they assured me it would be the best for my height.
  4. Hey guys it's great to finally get access to the forum! My name is John, I'm just a regular college student who has been transplanted in VA for school but I come back to Kentucky often. At the moment I have no other costuming group affiliations but I have just ordered a kit to begin a TK. It should be a fun but challenging process as I am 6'5 which is tall for a trooper. Hopefully aside from all the help I have found over at FISD I will find answers here as well. After attending the Lexington Comic Con and seeing all the wonderful things MidSouth Garrison does a friend and I have decided to begin our first costumes. We want to put our love for Star Wars to good use by having a ton of fun with other fans and helping those in need. I have requested access to interact with possible future friends, make connections with people I may troop with in the future, and gain more information and help with any problems that may cross my path. Glad to be a part of this great community! Thanks guys!