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  1. Hello from Louisville Ky!

    I am happy to say, that Today, i have ordered Everything from Boots to Neck for my Gunner! I have made sure to Follow the guidelines set forth by the 501st, And look forward to sending in my App to Officially become a Member. Tambo is doing my Helmet!
  2. Hello from Louisville Ky!

    I would love to attend any events. Anything i can do to help...Need only ask, if i am able, Im there
  3. Hello from Louisville Ky!

    I found themn Earlier, I hear can take 4 - 6 months, Id rather start Trooping sooner=) so going with your 2nd suggestion, WampaWear =)
  4. Hello from Louisville Ky!

    Unsure where to find MonCal items...so any direction would be welcomed.
  5. Hello from Louisville Ky!

    Ah yes, found this http://cosplaysky.com/star-wars-imperial-tie-fighter-pilot-black-flightsuit-uniform-jumpsuit.html , i will order it soon. Also found and ordered a balaclava, the boots are another story, finding some that arent too high is the issue right now.
  6. Hello from Louisville Ky!

    Not certain i know what that is...I am open for suggestions tho...Thank you
  7. Greetings. I am Bryan, Ive met a few people who are members of the MSG, and i have personally witnessed some of the deeds performed by this Awesome group. The same things i have been trying to do as a Louisville Ghostbuster. Sadly, some of the members of my group dont have the same ideas, to Positivly Impact the lives of our future, The Children! I was at Lexington ComiCon, and witnessed the True power of the force that is held in the hands of the 501st, and i want to harness the same. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the children, and the parents is a feeling one can never forget..nor would i want to. I will start as an Imperial Officer, and work my way up. But i am proud to be part of an orginization such as this.