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    My Tuesday Epiphany: When the trailer for Episode 1 debuted mid-week in 1998 or 99 (I don't remember the year), I drove 2 hours to the nearest theater to see it, after sitting through The Waterboy before I even remotely liked football. It played before and after the movie, and I remember every second of it to this day. 120 minutes in a car for about 6 minutes total of a brand new SW movie that I'd waited almost 20 years for? Done. 2 hours of makeup, half an hour of getting dressed (WITH help), 3 hours of driving for a hockey game, couple hundred bucks for hotel/gas/food. Or driving 90+ minutes for the privilege of wearing a heavy, all black costume in the summer heat because one kid asked me to. Or hanging out in the same costume at a historic race track, just to make one kid smile or remember he met his favorite Star Wars character? Done. I was that kid. I grew older. But I am still that kid. And I get to pass it on. If anybody was wondering, that's why I am here, trying very hard to be a part of this.
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