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  1. With Love From Lexington

    Welcome to the MSG
  2. Leaving For Alaska

    Safe journeys and good luck.
  3. Hello From Louisville Ky.

  4. Memphis Wookiee

  5. Greetings From Kentucky!

  6. Hello

    Howdy and welcome!
  7. Allow Myself To Introduce… Myself.

    Welcome to the MSG. I look forward to meeting you at a troop soon and will be at the one in Shepherdsville and of course there is a big convention in Lexington the following weekend.
  8. Hello From Ky

    Welcome! Always good to see more Kentucky people
  9. Greetings From Illinois

    Welcome to the MSG.
  10. Hello From Ohio!

    Welcome to the boards and will look forward to meeting you at the convention.
  11. Greetings

    Welcome to the boards!
  12. New Forum Member

  13. New To Msg

    Welcome to the MSG!
  14. Hello.....again.

  15. New Dz In The House!

    Welcome aboard!