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  1. Hello from Nashville area

    Welcome aboard Andrew! Hope to see you come out sometime!
  2. It was great meeting you this weekend, you're the man Erik!
  3. Hello There.

    Welcome Kevin, good to have you aboard! Awesome to have a guy from the boro here, I was getting lonely lol. I'll pm you my contact info in case you want to get together and talk shop.
  4. From The Dune Sea To Nashville

    Welcome to the Crew!
  5. Hello Forum Friends

  6. Another Newb To The Forum!

    Glad to have you!
  7. Hi

    Yut! Good to have you Jeff.
  8. Greetings from Mount Juliet

    PM sent
  9. Greetings from Mount Juliet

    Hey all, I know I've been a little off and on on the forums between lurking and well, life. I had a blast at Fall Creek Falls meeting all of you, and I figured I'd share some photos of my rough cut kit that I am starting to put together this month (Obviously excited. I'm Trying to get out to a few more events again, hopefully my truck will be fixed soon and allow me more availability. Oh, and I figured I'd add a photo of Crockett at the Falls from the other weekend, sorry if he was a little excited at the barbecue, he is a bit of an attention hog. Andrew
  10. Greetings and Salutations from Spring Hill!

    Welcome to MSG! Can't wait to see you around!
  11. Greetings from Mount Juliet

    Yea, I'm all for that idea! Give me a about 3 weeks and I'll have some home brew ready as well, making some tomorrow I think. I usually have weekends open so feel free to pm me.
  12. Greetings from Mount Juliet

    Thanks, I plan on being there tomorrow night and look forward to seeing you all. Is there a regular area you guy sit in that I should look for? I should be fairly easy to spot with the tattoos an beard haha.
  13. Greetings from Mount Juliet

    Pm sent CC5707. Thanks for warm welcome gents. I'm very excited about the whole thing. I am brand new to costuming so let me know if I end up bugging you to much picking your brains. I am trying to RTFM a little on my own though to save hassling you guys. I saw something on the calander about a meeting at the tilted kilt tomorrow, is it cool to just show up?
  14. Good morning all! My name is Drew and I've wanted I be a legion member since I was 12 and first saw the "Troopers" short and now have the time/money/space to finally realize this goal of mine. I'm originally from the Mount Juliet area (and am there now), but I just moved here from Reno, NV. I'm currently shopping around for kits and trying not to let my enthusiasm create mistakes haha. I'm wanting to build a TD with the ultimate goal of earning a membership with the MEPD. Are there any TD's in the Nashville area of the garrison? I've heard that sometimes at events the 501st likes to use handlers, and I would like to be active in the garrison until I complete my kit so if there are events I can attend I would love to. Anyways I look forward to meeting you all, Andrew Thomas