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  1. Hello There.

    Welcome aboard!
  2. New To The 501St

    Welcome! Have you been accepted into the 501st yet? What costume do you have / want?
  3. Hello From Louisville Ky.

    Welcome to the MSG! I'm close by as well, only about 35 miles from Louisville.
  4. Hello From Louisville!

    Welcome aboard! Love the proton pack. I am looking to add to my costumes as well and would like to do a TK build. I'm only about 35 miles southwest of Louisville, so maybe we could help each other out. Darren ID68101
  5. Finally!

    Thank you so much. So excited to join the garrison!
  6. Finally!

    Thanks everyone. Is there some place to get midsouth apparel or 501st items?
  7. Finally!

    I received my confirmation e-mail last night and am now officially a member of the 501st! ID68101 reporting for duty! Long live the Empire!
  8. Hello!

    Shot off a couple of emails tonight about armor kits, got the wife's blessing as well! Super pumped about this journey.
  9. Hello!

    Who or where can I look to purchase an armor set? I'm going to need something that is as close to being ready to wear as possible due to my lack of confidence in my own build skills for something this major. I know there are a lot of scams, so I want to be sure to get something that will get me 501st approved when I have everything together and ready for submission.
  10. Hello!

    My name is Darren and I live about 35 miles Southwest of Louisville, KY. I have been a long time admirer of the 501st and its many charitable activities. As you would guess, I am basically a lifetime Star Wars fan. Episode 4 hit the screens when I was 10 and I was immediately enthralled. I am very interested in putting together my own Stormtrooper (TK) outfit and submit it for approval. The problem is that I am not the craftiest person around. Can someone offer some suggestions or ideas to help me start putting together a good suit of armor? I didn't know if workshops were offered or informal group meetings of local members for this sort of thing. I've been doing some research and I know I'll need the armor equipped for larger individuals. I am roughly 6'2" and about 220 pounds. Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer.