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    501st member relocating from Phoenix Arizona
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  1. New Oldie From Winchester

    I'm 6'2" and 240. I'm a sandtrooper. You'll fit in certain set of armor made specifically for you size. RTmod is a armor maker who makes larger sizes.
  2. From The Dune Sea To Nashville

    The dune sea has gotten a lot bigger since I've left. In 1 year they gained 15 TK's. They now have a staggering 21 TK's
  3. From The Dune Sea To Nashville

    Still need to do some adjustments. Might need some help!!! Backpack needs adjusted as well. But here's a quick preview.
  4. From The Dune Sea To Nashville

    thanks for being very welcoming. i will have my TD photos by tuesday night! should be easy peasy! can't wait to troop!
  5. From The Dune Sea To Nashville

    im a tattooer of 17 years, i work at pride and glory tattoo studio, 172 2nd ave n. anytime robbie, come by anytime and say hi
  6. I've been trooping for the last 4 years in phoenix arizona In the dune sea garrison and have recently moved to nashville this last year. i will have my sand trooper armor here in the next week or so and I'm excited to participate with the mid south garrison, need some help with switching garrisons. i currently live in antioch but work in nashville, i was our event coordinator for our garrison out in phoenix as well with helping with the phoenix comic con, and participating in many parades and make a wish foundation troops and phoenix children's hospitals visits! hope i can do my part for the mid south garrison. I've had several costumes such as Vader, TK, Tie pilot, Snow Trooper, Royal Guard, and now for SandTrooper. can't wait to start trooping again, can't wait to meet new troopers out here TI3918 mike fite