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  1. Hello

    I saw the post about the Fanboy Expo but don't have permission to view it. I am planning on attending on Saturday to make contact with MSG. Is there anything I should know?

    1. Coldjedi


      No sir just enjoy the convention. 

  2. Hello Msg- Update

    I'll be on the lookout.
  3. Hello Msg- Update

    Would Saturday be the best day to go?
  4. Hello Msg- Update

  5. Hello Msg- Update

    OK it's been a long while since I posted. I'm starting to scrap together the funds for a costume. I'd like to make contact with MSG but I can't find the calendar. Any upcoming events in Knoxville?
  6. Hello Msg- Update

    My introduction post is coming up on a year old, so I want to make sure I get an update out. I'll be heading to Knoxville in August for college. Hopefully I can try to get involved with the MSG as I still don't currently have the funds for a set of armor.
  7. Hello Msg

    I realize that this thread is coming up on a year old, but I've got an update. I'll be heading to Knoxville in August for a while.
  8. Hello Msg

    I definitely agree with that.
  9. Hello Msg

    Hmm..... I'm currently out of questions. Maybe that's a good thing.
  10. Hello Msg

    Speaking of that, I have glanced around but I'd like to make sure. Is the only difference between Realistic Phase 1&2 just the helmet?
  11. Hello Msg

    After sitting down and seriously thinking about it, I've decided at least currently to do an Animated Phase 1 501st. As far as sending in admission photos, can you approve more than one costume at the same time? What I mean more precisely is doing the 501st version, but also ordering an extra set of arms, hand backs, and helmet to make a standard grunt to get two costumes in one.
  12. Hello Msg

    Yes, I saw that in his tutorial pictures.
  13. Hello Msg

    I'd say I'll have a better idea of it once I start assembly. Do you have any advice on being able to sit down in Clone armor?
  14. Hello Msg

    Do you have any pics for reference?
  15. Hello Msg

    Forgot to put this in the previous post: Has anyone done or thought of modifying a box on the Clone belt (either style) to hold say a cell phone?