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  1. Historically, july and august are down times. It's too hot to troop, and most are getting ready for Dragon*Con. The fall will get crazy, and Rogue One is coming.
  2. Hello!

    Ladies, we can make that happen. I built Hollie's suit, schmootika is her screen name. Hit her on facebook, Hollie Yahola. You get armor, you can come to our house and we'll get on it.
  3. Hello!

    I have built and fitted stormtrooper armor to girls quite a few times. Girls look great in Stormtrooper armor.
  4. Intermittent Website Access Problems

    Frequently, like several times a day, it will not connect while on wifi, and I have to go on network. Sometime, rarely, it's the opposite: won't connect on network but will on wifi. The website is now bipolar.
  5. Hello!

    The answer is always "Stormtrooper".
  6. Well... it usually ends on Sunday, when we realize monday is coming. But it gets cranked up again about Wednesday night!
  7. Aren't you command staff? And squad leader? It would be wise to start planning early. We are a week and 2 days from the nashville show, and still looking for one more stormtrooper.
  8. It's right at a month. I would go ahead and begin a planning thread if I were you. Get everything locked in. Don't be scrambling at the last minute for a Vader and stormtroopers.
  9. Do you have your Weird Al ticket for next Thursday in Nashville? Quite a few of us will be there, both onstage and in the audience. Come meet some more of us and get your nerd on!
  10. http://www.midsouthgarrison.com/forums/index.php?/topic/8407-0613-172016-smyrna-tn-cub-scout-day-camp/ Smyrna event
  11. Hello Fellow Troops

    That was very cool. An enjoyable little con. Had never met brian before, he's a great con guest.
  12. Hello Fellow Troops

    Hi dave. I was one of the other TKs walking with the wookiee saturday.
  13. I did mine in armor... no undersuit
  14. Hello

    Yo, Craig. We should talk!
  15. Hello Midsouth Garrison!

    Welcome to the madness. Lots of events coming up for you to come to and meet. We always need handlers. Come meet us at fanboy expo on May 14th in Nashville. Hang out. Go see the boys at the game event on May 4th.
  16. Yeah, I'm back.

    Yes sir, same number cell # for 15 years. I did upgrade from the brick with the seperate battery bag, though
  17. Yeah, I'm back.

    Hells yeah, indeed.
  18. Greetings from Columbia TN

    Standard female stormtroopers are now canon as well.
  19. Greetings from Columbia TN

    Hello! You're in columbia, eh? Schmootika and I are here as well, several more pretty close by. We'll be at the Columbia Theater for the 7 pm show on the 17th, if you wanna say hi
  20. Hello to my long lost kin folk

    Run. While there's still time.
  21. New girl from martin

    Was good to meet you this weekend Katie! Sorry we didn't get to hang out, and very sorry Lando got hold of you Saturday night while a little intoxicated!