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    I moved here from Alabama. I started making an X-Wing Pilot with the Alabama Garrison and Tranquility Base. Sadly never got it approved or got around to finishing due to an error in the flightsuit arm pockets. Wife and I are looking to get me back into it and get her into it as well. Done a few troops with the gang in the Alabama Garrison both in costume (my modified incomplete flightsuit) and also as a handler to help everyone out.
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  1. Hello New Friends!

    Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to getting my pilot fixed up and once that is done i want to start on another one. I was thinking a biker scout maybe but not entirely sure. But I do want to make a 501st outfit at some point, just not sure where to start on that or what to start off with. Do you guys have any suggestions for a good 501st starter? Not necessarily an easy or cheap one but at least a fun one to build since i do already have experience building armor.
  2. Hey guys! My name is Matt McLeod. I was born and raised in Alabama. My wife and I moved to Knoxville a couple years ago. While I lived in Alabama I spent a lot of time with the Alabama Garrison and Tranquility Base. That's what really got me into this. I did a few troops with them as a handler and then decided to start trying to make my own costume when Tranquility Base decided to make an X-Wing Squadron, which i was proudly a part of. Unfortunately my pilot was never finished due to an error. Out of the 9 or so flight suits we ordered, I end up with the one that had the pockets on the arm reversed. So it was sadly never finished. But that is what I aim to change. My wife Caroline (Banshee) decided for my birthday to make sure I got back into it and finally finish my pilot. I am looking forward to finishing it and hopefully meeting a lot of you soon!