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  1. School has me so busy I don't even know what day it is!! Really miss Trooping.

  2. Back in the US of A.

  3. And my helmet has been ordered!

  4. My patches for my suit came in the mail today!!

  5. Got my red stripe on my flight suit. Having problems with painting my shinguards. And my solution to finding boots my size? Kids Pirate Boots. Feet don't fail me now.

  6. My flight suit just came in the mail!! I'm sewing up my harness tonight. Tomorrow I will be buying my shinguards and red ribbon for the suit. I'm excited!

  7. Got my jump suit on the way!!

  8. I've decided I'm going to make a TIE fighter pilot uniform. Summer project. Do they make boots for size 3 feet in men's?

  9. I completed my very first Star Wars marathon today and I have once again fallen in love.

  10. Introducing: Kaity Clements!

    For sure; I'll be going to whatever I can. Ideas are my specialty! Thank you!
  11. Introducing: Kaity Clements!

    Thank you for all of your Welcomes! I did see that! Unfortunately I have to work this weekend, so driving from Chatt to Kentucky and back would be quite a feat. Unless you'd like to lend me a TIE fighter?
  12. Introducing: Kaity Clements!

    Thank you, thank you! And I'll definitely be coming to whatever events I can.
  13. Hullo! My full name is Kaity Clements, but I usually go by Kit. I live in Nashville, TN, though right now I'm attending school in Chattanooga. I'm not affiliated with any costuming group as of yet, but I do love making costumes. I'd heard about the 501st a while ago when I got the hankering to see what would be involved in making a Stormtrooper or Mandalorian outfit, and then I officially ran into you guys at the Nashville Comic Con. You might recognize me. I would love to learn more from you guys, and hopefully make my own costume up to par. Star Wars has been my favorite thing since I was three. Also I'm pretty good at sewing and I'm exploring the makeup effects department, so anything you need I'll do my best to provide assistance! Wonderful to meet all of you!