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  1. Introducing: Kaity Clements!

    Go Mando need a few more in the Nashville area!
  2. New Forum Member

    I've considered it but right now I am too fat to be a Stormtrooper. I'm gonna try and make it Saturday to at least Toys R Us, weather pending.
  3. New Forum Member

    Hey all, I'm Mike Wall. I live in Clarksville and I had met several people at the last Toys for Tots event up here. Since then I have started working on a costume to join the Mandalorian Mercenaries and hope to have it done sometime in the new year. I wanted to see what all is going on with the 501st garrison that is closest to home to keep up to speed with any events that come up so I can assist in any way I can until I can get my costume completed.