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  1. Hi Guys! Noobie Here

    Thanks so much for the welcome, guys! I have ordered an AP kit. Top to bottom. I have also ordered everything else I think I will need other than a strap system and a conversion kit for my Hasbro E-11. I am totally lost on those ends. Any suggestions would be HUGE! Also, I can't wait to see y'all on Sunday!
  2. Hi Guys! Noobie Here

    I get up that way to meet with clients from time to time. I'll send you a PM if/when I end up there again!
  3. Hi Guys! Noobie Here

    Yeah, I chose cheap and quality. Out of curiosity, what are some good options for quick and quality?
  4. Hi Guys! Noobie Here

    I agree! If you have any leads on quality armor that is quicker I would more than appreciate the heads up!
  5. Hi Guys! Noobie Here

    I'm gonna do my best to make it to the sounds game tomorrow!
  6. Hi Guys! Noobie Here

    Sweet! I am on the waiting list with ATA for a full TK armor kit. Seems like a long wait, but I guess it gives me time to research and accumulate the accessories. If I stumble across someone my size looking to unload their armor between now and then, I might just go that route but it seems like more fun to build your own!
  7. Hi Guys! Noobie Here

    Hi, my name is Chris Williams from East Nashville and I am just getting started in this adventure. It looks like my armor will not be here for 6 or 7 months, so in the mean time I'd like to meet a few people, help out with events, and attend a few build parties so I can learn as much as possible before it comes time to start my own armor!