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    supported members of the Neon City Garrison in las vegas as I am working on my very own TK armor so that I may become a member of the 501st. I've had the opportunity to troop multiple times and in multiple capacities.
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  1. Hello

    There is always room for more troops. Welcome to MSG. Have you met any of our members down in the Mos Nooga Squad?
  2. Hello From Memphis

    Hey Brian, welcome to MSG. I'm curious to see your Halo Armor as I've heard those are fun to work on. Looking forward to trooping with you.
  3. Hello From Memphis!

    Welcome to you and your brother. Thats exciting to hear that you guys have been costuming before. I'll have to ask your brother about his Halo armor. So cool.
  4. Greetings From Chattanooga

    Welcome to MSG. Maul looks amazing and cant wait to see it finished.
  5. Hello From Knoxville

    The first film had a similar effect on me when my father took me to see it in the rerelease. Glad to have you aboard.
  6. Greetings From Smyrna

    Welcome aboard and congrats on the kit purchase. Let the TK be your gateway to more and more.
  7. Hello There.

    Welcome aboard. Let's get you at a troop.
  8. From The Dune Sea To Nashville

    That is what is happening here. In the last 6 months we had 4 TK's all working together on the same kits. We have a lot of new recruits.
  9. From The Dune Sea To Nashville

    Mike great to meet you man. did you work with Fender Billy? or Big Gulp? I've been following them on instagram. You guys have such a cool group out in AZ
  10. Memphis Wookiee

    yay wookie. Welcome to the Garrison.
  11. Hello

    Welcome aboard Hunter
  12. Can't See Calendar

    This helped a lot. Thanks
  13. Can't See Calendar

    When I click on the calendar tab at the top of the page the website directs me to a blank calendar. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  14. Hello Forum Friends

    Hey Luke, I'm not seeing the dates for the con in march on the calendar. is that because I haven't been granted access to calendar yet? I would love to go if I can. even if its just as a wrangler or if I can borrow a suit.