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  1. New transfer reporting in

    Welcome to the party pal!
  2. Forum Access

    New TIE Pilot looking for full access TI 10348
  3. Greetings From Louisville!

    It's been a long road. but after receiving my 501st Legion confirmation letter last week for my TIE Pilot outfit, TI-10348 is ready for duty!
  4. Greetings From Louisville!

    Greetings again after a long time away! 2014 ended a little rougher than I had hoped between some medical stuff and replacing a furnace the week before Christmas. On the plus side 2015 is starting off much better! However, I need to approach my costume build from a new angle with something a little less complex and expensive than Fett so I thought I would look into a Tie Pilot build. If anyone has a good starting point for me on this I would be very appreciative. thank you, Travis
  5. Greetings From Louisville!

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! The film in question was called Yoda's Treasure. My good friend who wrote and directed it formed the group Flaming Death Productions. Links to the movie and such can be found at http://flamingdeath.net/fd_index.html Please note that the Hoth scene was shot in Minnesota... in January... on a lake... In response to Uncle's post, I was not at the Lexington Comic Con. I did however make it down the one in Louisville to score a photo op with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. That was a fun day!
  6. Hello everyone! My name is Travis Buckmeier, and I am interested in joining the local 501st Legion. First off, I am originally from the frosty state of Minnesota. I moved to the Louisville, KY area a few years back thanks to a work opportunity. Other than having to shovel a little snow this year, the winters have been much nicer! Having been a Star Wars fan most of my life, my friends and I greatly enjoyed watching many of the Fan Films that cropped up over the years after the success of the "Troops" film. I was even lucky enough to participate in a very low budget film about 10 years ago. One of the things we missed out on was having high-quality costumes for our film so after I bumped into a few 501st members at GenCon a couple years back I started taking a closer look at your group. I have already started working on an outfit, but in hindsight I started out on something that ended up being a little bigger than I thought it would be. I found a good deal on a few parts on a Boba Fett (ROTJ) costume. Luckily I have been able to gather most of the remaining parts from folks from The Dented Helmet. There are a few things that I still need to get completed (weather the boots, repair a jet pack crack, receive the jet pack harness plus a couple smaller items) and I should be ready to formally apply. Until that is done, I hope to participate in a few events to help out and learn how it all goes down. Thank you in advance! Travis