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    From JC forums, and I live in Nashville area. MSG now... RL in distant future, but not plans immediately. Cell Phone contact is 615-969-9115. Please leave a message (or text me with your MSG or real name) so I know you are not a telemarketer. I got lots of telemarketer calls, so they are ignored in the order they are received. :) But if you leave a voice message or text, I'll call or text you back as soon as possible, such as meeting for a MSG event.
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  1. Updated you to full member status... I assumed you would be part of the Twin Sun Squad (Memphis) and set you as both. You should no longer see "Recruit" under your name...
  2. Hello from Chapel Hill, Tn

    Welcome to the group. Vader is always one of the best characters, and most requested characters, of all... so having another Vader would be great. While you are working on builds, you are welcomed to come out and meet the local troopers at many different events... We can have handlers at several of them, so as long as it is not one of the few restricted events, please feel free to come out and join us while you are building your costume. I don't have a Vader, but I am certain that it is one of the most complex costumes (RotS or otherwise) and will take time and attention to get right. One thing you might want to do is consider getting the most basic officer or crewman costume ... or TIE pilot reserve. Once competed, you could troop with us in that one while you are working on your Vader. Once you get your Vader approved, you can still use the crewman/officer costume when you need a break from Vader or for variety. As long as they are each approved, you are not limited to one. Granted, once you get your Vader, you will probably default to that one, but you'd still have the extra option. We have at least one active Vader, but each of them can't make every event. It helps to have more than one... just not at the exact same event (unless they alternate who is Vader at one time). You might be able to touch base with some of them for guidance.
  3. until
    2022-07-10 Hoptown Hoppers Baseball SW Night Event Name: Hoptown Hoppers Baseball Venue: Hopkinsville High School Baseball Field Venue address: 430 Koffman Drive Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240 USA Event Start: 6/2/22 - 5:30 pm Event End: 7/19/22 - 8:00 pm Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zq8tJ1FPEAaMaVhTqys9DXv8OVQPuhHvR895JRAxHBQ/edit Event Website: https://hoptownhoppers.org/ Expected number of attendees: 400 Secure changing/staging area: Yes Can troopers carry blasters: Yes Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: This is a high school baseball field. There is a practice facility with private restrooms and we can provide a dressing area. We could provide bottled water, light snacks, etc for your group and concessions are available as well. Comments: The Hoptown Hoppers are a collegiate summer baseball team playing through June and July Event Captain: James Collins MSG Notes: This is a BlueGrass Garrison (BBG) event, so we would be providing support. The event request seems to have June and July, but I think the focus is on the Star Wars Night on 7/10... so that is what this is billed on... Please use the BGG spreadsheet.
  4. How's She Goin' Eh?

    You are more than welcomed to visit us down here. There will definitely be some troopers there from MidSouth, so you are certainly welcomed to come hang out with us while you are in town and at the convention. Fanboy Expo is one of the biggest ones we have in Tennessee, so whether you plan on bringing a costume to troop --or just play and relax, you are bound to meet some new friends here. I'm sure that a few would be delighted to trade swag with you as well, so feel free to bring some from up north if you will be able to do so.
  5. Nashville Comicon

    Event Name: Nashville Comicon Venue: Fairgrounds Nashville Venue address: 625 Smith Ave Nashville, Tennessee 37203 USA Event Start: 06/04/2022 - 10am Event End: 06/5/2022 - 5pm Event Website: https://www.nashvillecomicon.com Nashville Comicon – June 4-5, 2022 HELLO AMAZING HUMANS! We’re very excited to bring Nashville Comicon to Music City USA! We want to assure everyone that we recognize all Covid-19 concerns and will be paying close attention and implementing recommended protocols as this variant continues to evolve. Your health and safety, as well www.nashvillecomicon.com Expected number of attendees: Requested number of characters: Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: No Can troopers carry blasters: Yes Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes Is parking available: Yes Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes Amenities available at venue: There will be concessions and restrooms. Comments: Nashville Comicon is a first-year event with tons of special guests, artists, crafters, cosplay, games, and more. Check out our website for event details. Referred by: Googled 501st in Tennessee.
  6. Hey there from Alabama!!

    Welcome. It is fun to have Death Troopers.
  7. Hello from Portland

    Welcome, Will. Hopefully, events will continue, and we will be able to troop... at least somewhat back to normal again. We have a lot of events in Nashville area, and in Clarksville here an there. Sometimes, we even get requests for Portland or nearby events. For you, the first (or next) step will be to figure out what sort of costume(s) you like, and figure out where to start in terms of building or assembling your first approved costume. You can never go wrong with a stormtrooper or TIE pilot, and many of the other troop types. Once completed, they are always well-received at events. Each, however, does require time to build, sand, paint, and strap (to oversimplify) so that the kit looks correct and screen accurate when on you. If you have something specific already in mind, especially a favorite character that will help fuel your enthusiasm to build it and troop in it, that is usually best. However, if you are looking for something a little easier to start with, an officer or crewman might be a better place to start. You can always add another costume later, and it can be good to have alternates... So having an officer or crewman costume can be good to have even if you want a stormtrooper or something more elaborate. You might prefer the armor at some events, and a tunic or flight suit for others. Some of the officer or crewman components are the base of, or work for, a variety of other costumes. There are lots of options, so if you are not sure, or have not yet narrowed down what you want, here is the CRL (Costume Reference Library) where you can see the costumes by either type or group, or by name. You'll want to pay attention to detail and look at the pictures carefully. Sometimes, a seam or a notch can change it from approved to not. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRL
  8. Hello from Knoxville

    Also, we actually have a team of GML's (Garrison Membership Liaison), with Braden and Laryssa working together as needed for local approvals. Other than that, Ron is absolutely correct, and we can never have too many TK's in the roster. Braden and Laryssa are both friendly and helpful, so they can guide you through the process. As long as you are using an existing CRL for your costume, approvals stay local with them (at least for the base approval level). The more advanced approval levels (2 & 3) might need the detachment's approval, which is likely to take longer. However, if everything you submit can be approved by the local GML team, they are pretty fast. Please be patient and remember though that they are volunteers and may have other costumes to approve as well as yours... not to mention work and family responsibilities. However, it appears that the GML team has already responded. Either way, Russ, Welcome!
  9. Checking in

    Hi Shane, Now that you have some access, please feel free to sign up on our events using this forum. We'd be delighted for you to join us. While you'd be welcomed at any event, you might look at the Chattanooga (Mos Nooga Squad) events area for most of the events closer to GA... And Ron may also post some events outside the squad area that you'd be welcomed in as well... which will be in our general MidSouth Garrison events section. But of course, feel free to pick out any other events you're interested in as well. Michael
  10. For Rebel Legion costumes, please contact Kathy. Her RL username is: LookingGlassCosplay Sine you will not be able to post directly to an event thread on their forum until you have an approved RL costume, please PM her directly about any events you are interested in attending. Her profile link for a PM (private message, or direct message) is: http://www.forum.rebellegion.com/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=112416
  11. This will apply to all members of all our costuming groups (501st, Rebel Legion, and Mando Mercs... as well as any of the other groups that might play with is via LFL Open Invites). This reminder will be posted here and in the General Discussions area for everyone to see... When signing up for an event, please sign up with the appropriate group, for that event, based on the costume you are planning to use. If you are asking to join an event in a costume still in progress (A.K.A. "not yet approved" or pending) please request permission on the event first. I will have more coming on this later, but for now please signup through the group that your costumed character belongs to. 501st Legion ---you are already here... Rebel Legion --http://www.forum.rebellegion.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=301 but you need to make an account. Mando Mercs (MMCC) --www.Mandalorianmercs.org. For TN folks, the clan is Bes'uliik I'm not against posting to the other sites as well for the same event, but if you have an RL costume, you need to sign up through the RL's forum. If you have a Mandalorian that is not specifically in the 501st CRL listing, please join the MMCC group and signup there as appropriate for the group... Don't worry, we still want all the groups to play together at events well, but for book-keeping and census tracking for members, and permission for those pending approval, it will help all three groups. The same would apply to other groups such as the droid builder group if the group is part of the ones recognized by LFL. As of the last few months, I think that we have been consistently cross-posting events for any that both are invited between us and the RL, and even the MMCC lately. So, feel free to look here first if you'd prefer. However, please sign up with the right group based on your character first. Then, if you'd like, feel free to let us know here if you've signed up there. Ex: if you are planning to come as Han Solo or Lando, please sign up through the RL first. Then, by all means, let us know as well. But, please sign up there before posting here. If you're seeking to be a helper or handler, please sign up with the group you'd most likely want to join or troop with first. Again, this applies to ALL event signups... every squad, and every member or recruit or even handler. Thanks, and hopefully we'll see everyone at upcoming events soon.
  12. Hello from North MS!

    From time to time, we also have events in Jackson, TN... and if you want, you can also come out to Nashville, TN and see us there. If you were going to go to the ICCC at the end of April, you'll see a lot of us here. If you are able to travel, you might like the Chattanooga and Knoxville area events as well. The events closer to Memphis will be on the Twin Sun Squad calendar, but other areas will be on the other calendars by squad or in the general MidSouth Garrison calendar... Feel free to checkout out each calendar. This weekend, in Huntsville, AL, you can see several of the AL Garrison there as well, and there are bound to be a bunch of visiting troopers there as well from other garrisons.
  13. Hello from North MS!

    Hi Vickie, First, you might want to check out the MS garrison, Rancor Raiders Garrison officially. http://www.ms501st.net/ MidSouth Garrison covers TN, but if you are close enough to Memphis, TN, you might want to work with us in some part as well. MSG has a few squads where the majority of the members of the MidSouth Garrison, and one of them is the Twin Sun Squad which is the Memphis area group. We troop (go in costume to various events) to help support several charities. Before COVID-19 came into focus, we had a lot of events in TN, and I'm sure that MS did, too. Events have started to pick back up again, and are nearly back to normal, but we still take safety in mind for each event and follow local protocols --if any-- when at the events. We also get invited to other events such as conventions and Star Wars movie premiers, and some sporting events if LucasFilm Ltd. approves the event. So, the trick is to pick out and start working on building or assembling your first costume, and you can add more later as you build them and get them approved. The goal is screen-accurate costumes and that it fits you appropriately. However, if you are not sure what to do, or where to start, there are bound to be a few troopers that can help point you in the right directions. You can come out to events and meet many in the group if you are already going to the event and there is no special limit on the event. Twin Sun Squad has several events coming up, and the closest ones are on April 30th. So if you were going to the Patriot Fest or the Carl Perkins Annual Superhero Day, you are bound to see a few of the MSG troopers in attendance. I also invite you to look at the main 501st Legion website for the details. https://www.501st.com/mission.php But, there are plenty of other details directly on this site you should look at. If you have some 501st costumes in mind, you can also find the CRL (Costume Reference Library) here that shows the details needed for each costume, and some alternate/optional ones you can also have. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRL
  14. Greetings from Nashville

    Mine, too.
  15. Greetings from Nashville

    Welcome, Snips. I might have seen you around here and there... The dark side is stronger! Well, so I hear.