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  1. Hi from Knoxville, TN

    Welcome to the MSG 501st forum. Glad you have found a costume that you'd like to put together. Sounds like there will be a few new TIE Pilots in the Knoxville area. There are lots of people that can provide advise on where to get and not to get things. If you haven't picked a specific version of the TIE pilot, here is the CRL for the basic Pilot specs: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TI_TIE_Pilot_ANH You might also want to consider starting with the TIE Reserve Pilot costume since you can use it until you get your full pilot done... and it happens to be a lot of what you'd already need for the pilot anyway in terms of boot, belt, and suit: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TI_reserve_pilot
  2. Happy Birthday, Doug.  Hope all is going well. :trooper:

  3. Hello from Clarksville, TN

    Hi Jess, It was great talking with you, and having you as a handler for the event. Tie Reserve is a great place to start, and is a good head-start to other costumes. Welcome to Clarksvegas! Also, hope your resume was successful.
  4. Krista, we receive event request all the time, so by then, we might have something in the Franklin area. I'm also certain we could arrange something in the Franklin or Cool Springs area for that weekend if you and Sean wanted to meet some of the locals. There are a handful of troopers local to Franklin, TN (not to mention Nashville).
  5. Hello from Knoxville!

    Welcome back. Thrawn is one of my favorites as well, and probably my favorite one from the original EU...but now he is canon. I always look forward to seeing Timothy Zahn at Dragon*Con. For many events, you could sign up as a helper/handler until your costume is approved. This is a great way to meet many of the troopers. Checkout the MSG events section for upcoming events in Knoxville you may like. Also, the Mos Nooga Squad section has the Chattanooga area events, and the Music City Squad has more events closer to Nashville... so if you feel like taking a road trip, these might be appealing to you as well. Several of us started out helping as a handler at events before officially trooping them. Not only did we make new friends along the way, but we also helped take pictures for fans, helped troopers suit up, watched out for troopers for safety and costume damage, etc. So come out to some of the events if you want. Some may be able to give you pointers on getting your costume ready as well.
  6. Email notifications

    Fine job, sir.
  7. Hello, from Bristol TN

    Hi Daniel. Think we talked for a few minutes at FanBoy. Definitely took a look at the droid. Welcome.
  8. Hello from Lexington Ky

    Nice to meet you at the Strawberry Festival. Glad you made the drive. Welcome.
  9. As instructed, I am introducing myself. Michael Richardson not in costuming group affliation(s)... though I do have a costume or two as well as others in mind. Fairview, TN (Williamson County) Was sort of active (on and off) in the JC forums a few years ago and finally got back. Seems like MidSouth Garrison discussion boards are more active than JC is locally. I certainly likethe worldwide aspect of both sites, but would like to make local friends and perhaps join some activities in the area (Nashville and/or MidTN).
  10. Lostagain Saying Howdy Hey From Ky

    I'm sort of getting started myself... Welcome.
  11. Hello To All In The Midsouth Garrison

    Thanks rdhawk. I might actually have the belt as well. However, I know I do not have the boots. Thanks for confirming which ones to get.
  12. Hello To All In The Midsouth Garrison

    Thank you to everyone who welcomed me so far. Well, I cannot promise the quality of my costume compared to those I've seen at events in the past, so I may be able to come to one of the building events first... sans the costume. I am certainly a novice at this. I'll see if I can find the details for the next build event in Cool Springs and stop by. What I do have is the following: Imperial Officer uniform (black) with pants, tunic, and hat. I do not have proper belt, shoes, gloves, etc. Assorted '80s toy blasters (bikerscout, stormtrooper, and Han's preferred blaster) Command rank color squares (not the cylinders). Kits for resin stormtrooper blaster and Pricess Leia's blaster. I would eventually like to make most of the Imperial troop/officer outfits and have the appropriate quality props to go with them. Perhaps even some droids. I would also like to contruct a Babylon 5 EF officer uniform and the black IA uniform...and even a Vorlon encounter suit.
  13. Hello To All In The Midsouth Garrison

    JC=Jedi Council forum... a.k.a. Fan Force.