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  1. On 7/20/2021 at 9:01 PM, Shrek said:

    AWESOME!!!! Another Babylon 5 fan!!!!! I haven't been able to find many of us during my travels! (Hope I guessed right judging by the screen name, and didn't just make myself look like a fool) :lol:

    You are indeed correct.  B5 fan here.  I'd consider it one of my strongest fandoms... 2nd only to Star Wars.  I think there are a few others in the neighborhood. :)


  2. Welcome, Drew.  Knoxville has a nice squad, and many of them have been trooping for several years.  Always good to new recruits though, so as long as there are no special restrictions on the events, please check the forums and calendar for events in and around Knoxville area.  You can meet some of the local troopers, and perhaps get some good advice and feedback from them. Other areas that tend to have steady events are Chattanooga, Nashville (along with Clarksville), and Memphis.  Jackson and Cookeville sometimes have events, too.  If you know you are going to be in any of those areas, please look at the calendars for them and come out and meet more of us. 


    I'm fond of the officer classes, and how versatile the uniforms are...  You can focus on one, and vary some things, and wind up with quite a few technically different, but valid costumes. :)

  3. Welcome, Charity.  :) I am sure the Knox Eisley Squad will be happy for you to join them.  I don't think we have anyone with a Zam Wesell in or near the MSG yet, and of course there is always room for TIE pilots and reserves.


    Things are slowly starting to pick back up... as conventions and community events are slowly testing the waters in hopes that they can run the events safely.  If you are available to troop them, Nashville and Clarksville have events coming up that may be good to troop... and you don't mind the drive.  Every so often, we even have events close to Kingsport.  Please check the calendar and/or the events section... as we post them as soon as we get the event request.  :tie:

  4. On 3/26/2021 at 3:35 PM, Mython said:

    Hello there! Yep, I already bought my passes for the wife and I for Friday and Saturday. We will be checking out of the hotel Sunday morning to drive back home, its quite a distance for us, about a 6-7 hour drive. I am hoping to arrive in Nashville on Friday right about the time the event starts, so we'll get our room checked in and change into our costumes. I am bringing my TIE Pilot for Saturday and considering for Friday either my Navy Trooper or Gunner, haven't decided just yet. My wife only has a TIE Reserve Pilot at the moment and she'll probably save that for Saturday and just wear one of my racing shirts around on Friday. Really looking forward to hanging out with you all.

    Sounds good.  :)

  5. Hi Steven,


    We'd be happy to have you troop with us sometimes... especially once trooping can return to normal... especially in frequency.  :)  I was worried about adding you to the ICCC coming up since we are filling up (at least on Saturday).... but then I noticed that you are one of the troopers that Dan C. already asked to sign up.


    I have you, Dan, and a few others from AL Garrison signed up for all day on Saturday.  Not sure if you can see the events yet, but the post for this event is at: 


  6. Welcome Hannah.  :)


    We have a full squad of troopers  in/near Knoxville... Knox Eisley Squad.  Once events get back into full swing (once COVID-19 is contained to make them easier on people), I'm sure you will be able to meet many of them.  Meanwhile, I'm sue many in the garrison will be happy to give you pointers and advise on your build.  :clonetrooper:

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  7. Always good to meet a Fett....  :)  A few of us have come out to the Huntsville convention that happened a few years ago... pre-COVID-19.  Once we have more events to troop, I'm sure you will come over and play with us more often.  As long as there is no specific restrictions on the event, you'd be welcomed to join us for the few going on until then. :fett:


    We have a few of each, Jango and Boba, but there are still lots of opportunities for you to be either for MSG events.  Jango images look good.

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  8. Welcome back, Amber.  Hopefully, by the time you get your boots and costume approved, we may have more trooping opportunities.  COVID-19 has kept things on the slow side for trooping.


    Staff Officer is one of my favorites, and probably the one I use most often.  BTW: you might also like the Imperial Navy Trooper (Dress Uniform) as well... almost the same components with a different hat/helmet.  Four versions to choose from depending on what specific components you have.  :)  https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:IN_imperial_navy_officer

  9. 18 hours ago, dwoodcock said:

    I agree with the TIE Reserve. I was planning on starting with the pieces that are required for both anyway. So, I could probably just get the Reserve approved while I complete the armor. Thanks for that idea!


    The issue I'm running into is the boots though, and waiting for wampawear to come back in stock for suits.

    TIE Reserve is also a good backup costume to have anyway.  If part of your helmet or armor comes unglued during a troop or before the event... and you cannot repair it immediately, you can usually fall back on the Reserve until you have time to fix the broken or loose pieces. There are very few events where that won't work or where you cannot troop as TIE Reserve instead of pilot.  In most cases, you can use either one you'd like.  :)


    The belt, boots, and the black hat are common in several crewman/officer uniforms.  The optional belt boxes, code cylinders, and blaster/holster can be used to "level up" your costume from a basic crewman to a more impressive one with "bling".  Many of those items can be used with all of these items (or a sizeable combination of them).  In your case, since you know you want to (eventually) get to the TIE Pilot, you only need to get the ones that will work for both.  Off the top of my head, I cannot think of anything that you could get for a standard original trilogy TIE Reserve that you can't also use on the TIE Pilot...except the black hat swapped for the helmet.


    I had problems finding the boots as well...since that style of boots without zippers tends to have small calves... or mine are too big.  :)  I ordered mine a few sizes bigger to allow for that, and then use thick socks to fill the gap.


  10. Welcome Dylan.  Before COVID-19, Clarksville had a fairly large number events, so once trooping is back to normal, there will be plenty of events in your neighborhood.  We've had a handful of troopers in Clarksville area as well, so there are others.  Naturally, you'd be able to drive to Nashville area to troop as well, and perhaps before if you want to be a handler/helper at events that do happen prior to getting your costume approved, or troop anywhere else in TN.  Once you get your costume approved, you could also look for events in Kentucky as well (Blue Grass Garrison) if that is convenient for you.  Either way, this is definitely the best time to get your costume ready.


    Much like stormtroopers and biker scouts, you really can't have too many TIE pilots at events.  :tie: They are iconic, and usually, one of the few costumes even the most basic and casual Star Wars fan can identify ---when they don't call you "Darth Vader" if we don't have a Vader, that is. 


    BTW:  You might consider starting with the TIE Reserve.  It is a good, relatively easy costume to assemble and get approved if you refer to the CRL (Costume Reference Library) on the main 501st website.  It is a good stepping stone towards a TIE pilot.  Then, start working on the armor, chest box, hoses, and helmet.  Once they are ready, submit the full pilot for approval.  If it gets approved, you'll have two costumes and can alternate as you see fit.  :)  A lot of the Imperial uniforms use the same components, so looking at the CRL entries could help you find others that you may like that are similar... and use the same parts you already have (or will want) for your main TIE pilot.  The Officers Corp and the Jolly Roger Squadron for pilots must have had the same suppliers.  :)

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  11. Hi Trey.  Welcome to the MSG.  :)  We have a nice squad of troopers in the Memphis area, and they do a great job with events in the area.  One thing that can be a positive about the COVID drop in activities overall is that it gives time to work on costumes.  Hopefully, by the time we are doing events full force again, you'll have something approved. 


    As a short guy myself, I recommend something in the officer or crewman range since it is easier to adjust for height and weight with such costumes.  Not only that, it is easier to assemble the pieces you'd need.  Not only that, several of them can be built on later for more involved costumes.  For example, the basic black crewman flight suit can be used for some versions of the TIE pilots and Imperial Gunners, etc.  Even the grey flight suit for the scanning crew can be used for a AT-ST driver.   There are a bunch of different officer classes that can use the black tunic, and while the olive/grey tunic usually only varies in the rank of the officer, both tunics give you a nice alternative for varied options.  You really can't have too many officers or troopers (including TIE, biker scouts, or gunners) at events.  And, you can be using this costume while you make a more complex costume.  Win-win


    The Memphis group has a good group of biker scouts, which might be another one that you could do. And, you might find a group of locals to help you with yours if you need it.  While it does have a black flight suit, I think some of the details may be different (like pocket placement, etc.).  However, as long as you like the costumes, any of them might be fun combination.  It would be ideal if the simple one is in some way a stepping stone to the more complex one, but if you like them both, the variety is fun too.


    BTW: I removed the duplicate thread... the one that had no replies on it yet.  :)


  12. Once events are safer to do on a regular basis, I'm positive that you will find local Knoxville area troopers to touch base with...  At most events, you could come out and meet them and act as a handler/helper until your shoretrooper is ready, and get to know some troopers in the process.  You might even consider Chattanooga area events as welll.  :)


    I know a lot of troopers may not check the forum as much right now, but once they do, I'm certain they will be able to offer some insight and advice as needed.  But as as Braden said,  feel free to ask questions here. :atat:

  13. I'm certain you would be welcomed at any of our events.  Obviously, at the moment, events are sort of sparse due to COVID-19 concerns,  Once we can troop actively again, we would certainly welcome neighboring garrisons to troop with us if they can be in the area.  I have trooped an event in Huntsville with the Alabama Garrison, so I have been on both sides of this part.  :)


    I don't see that particular event in the Mos Nooga squad section of our events calendar, but depending on when the event would happen, sign-ups would be opened.  I am one of the GEC's for Midsouth Garrison, and form time to time, we have had event requests for locations close to the Alabama/TN line,  If you are available for any of them, we'd be happy to have you join us. 


    You might also want to glance at the Twin Suns Squad event section as well (Memphis area).  Once we are able to do events again, we have a great group of troopers there and a decent number of events (normally).  :)

  14. Now that you have arrived, I think you just need to transfer from Arizona DSG to MidSouth Garrison and you'll be set.  If you haven't already done so, you might want to let Arizona DSG know you've moved here, and I think between the Arizona and MidSouth garrisons, "your training will be complete!"  :sith:   Welcome and "We would be honored if you would join us." :vader1:


    We have events in Middle TN posted in the even sections for the Music City Squad (Greater Nashville area) and general MidSouth Garrison (surrounding areas) sub-threads.... once you get access.  But we also have a lot of events in the Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga areas as well, so if you can make it to those parts of TN, don't forget to look at those event sections as well. :)

  15. Welcome!  :)


    You can also join us at most events as a general helper/handler while you are waiting to find or build your own costume(s).  You'd meet some of the troops, maybe get some pointers, and see how others made their armor fit.  I noticed that the way people have organized the straps is quite different on the inside of the suit based on preferences, even though it should look the same form the outside looking at it.  Handlers/helpers can help take pictures, monitor costumed characters for children out of sight or things like gum and paint (depending on the event), as well as extra hands for when a trooper can't quite reach something in costume.


    If you like officers and crewman costumes, you could potentially start with one of those... while you build your TK armor suit.  Having two or more costumes means you'd have options at events.  The softer Imperial officer/crewman costumes might be more comfortable, especially for longer troops where you might want a lighter costume for the later half.  Some components are even shared by other costumes, so things like flight suits, the belt, boots, and a hat might help you towards other costumes such as TIE pilots, gunners, and other troopers.  Just don't count on any of the officer pieces working towards a stormtrooper. :trooper: The white armor costumes are definitely more recognizable though, and we simply can never have too many stormtroopers.


    Good luck and check the event calendars frequently if you want to start meting the garrison.  Music City Squad (Nashville area) and the general MidSouth Garrison sections have the events local to Middle TN.  We add them as the requests come in, so it can change often.



  16. You're welcome.  :)


    BTW:  Marcus (JODOKAST), the current Squad Leader for the Nashville area (Music City Squad), has built a First Order stormtrooper... so other than the color (and perhaps Phasma's cape), he'd be a good source on exactly what/where to order the pieces and the more technical specs for making your costume build. I would imagine that Phasma should be quite similar to the rest of the standard FO troopers. 


    I'm only aware of ANOVOS for these, but good luck with them on actually shipping the kit out to you these days...  Not sure if the kit is truly everything, or if there are lots of other odds and ends to acquire as well... such as shoes, balaclava, neck seal, etc.


    I do not recall if there is anyone active in Knoxville area more local to you with a First Order trooper, but they have plenty of stormtrooper variants and assorted armor experts over there.  :)


    Good luck   :trooper:

  17. I have also head a rumor that Clone Trooper armor fits women better than men...  Something about the way it is cut... and that it was never actually worn by actors on screen... only in the CGI.  That might be  an option for you as well.


    We actually have (or had?) a female stormtrooper, Samantha, in our garrison if you are interested in Original Trilogy/EU "female stormtrooper" armor. Oh, and this isn't the skimpy "adult" version, but actually can get approved and looks great.  Until she takes off the helmet, most people have no idea what gender the trooper is.  :)   If Samantha happens to see this post, perhaps she can tell you where she got her armor.


    Also, I am not aware of any rule that says a woman can't be a stormtrooper (of any era) as long as the costume meets the CRL.  Any GML ought to be able to help you with that as part of the approval process.  I'm sure the Knoxville Squad/crowd would be happy to meet you at a local event, where you can talk costume specs and get some feedback.  You could come out as a handler/helper to some events and get to know the local troopers.  You'd have plenty of time to ask questions, see how each put their suite together, and learn from them and any mistakes they made along the way.  And you are already familiar with many aspects of costuming anyway, so that should help.


    Welcome. :)

  18. 1 minute ago, MaskedVengeance said:


    Haha. Oops. This is what I get for accessing the FISD, Midsouth, and Georgia forums all in one place via Tapatalk on my phone. I didn’t realize this post was already in the Midsouth forum. Looking forward to trooping with you all once I complete my own TK build!


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    No problem.  Glad I could help.  :)  I thought maybe the squad vs garrison details might have been a little hazy, but that makes sense too.  Multi-posting can get us dizzy sometimes.   :dance:

  19. On 11/30/2019 at 12:21 AM, MaskedVengeance said:

    Welcome to FISD! There aren’t many reputable armorers, so you’ll likely need to have some shipped to you. A list of vetted armor providers can be found on the “Getting Started” section of this forum.

    If you’re really intent on staying local, I would suggest joining the forum for the Midsouth Garrison of the 501st, which covers Tennessee. Perhaps somebody from the Nashville area near you could provide personalized assistance. =)

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    Hi Johann,


    Mostly, what Caleb said.  However, this is the correct location for the MidSouth Garrison, so you are already in the correct place as a recruit here.  Chattanooga has a squad within the MidSouth Garrison (MSG for short).  Clarksville does not have a squad within the garrison, but is part of the MSG as a whole.  The Nashville area (Davidson Co. and all the counties directly bordering it) are in the Music City Squad... (MCS if you see it abbreviated) but you would certainly be able to join the Nashville troopers for any events closer to Nashville.  All of these are part of the MidSouthG Garrison.  :)


    However, we also have events here and there directly in Clarksville.  These should be in the general Events section of the forum in the section labeled "MidSouth Garrison Events".  As they are submitted to us, I am usually the individual posting the ones for Clarksville.  Check back soon, and often.  I try to add them ASAP to help give time for the trooper roster to build up.  There are a handful of troopers between MSG and the Rebel Legion that live in or around Clarksville, but you are welcomed to join us at most events as a helper or handler until you have your approved costume.  A few events require troopers have approved costumes and/or have limits on attendance, but most are opened to helpers/handlers to join in on the fun.  MCS events have there own section in the events section, as does Chattanooga, Memphis, and Knoxville areas if you don't mind the drive to them for their more local events. 


    If you want to, you could even look at the Kentucky Garrison if it is convenient for you.  You could join their forum as well ...and once you get your costume finished, pick the one you would identify (or troop with) most as your home garrison.  You can still attend events in the other, and we will often share events that are close by another garrison.  Many of them joined us for recent events not too long ago in Nashville and Franklin.  Their link is https://www.bluegrassgarrison.com/


    Welcome to the party.  :)