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    MSG member. i been a huge fan of star wars since i was a kid. i also love what you guys do and how you guys help kids and make them feel great about themselves. i also live here in bradley county tennessee.
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  1. until
    Event Name: One Man Star Wars Venue: Chattanooga Theatre Centre Venue address: 400 River Street Chattanooga, Tennessee 37405 USA Event Start: 3/2/19 - 8pm Event End: 3/3/19 - 430pm Event Website: theatrecentre.com Expected number of attendees: 300 Requested number of characters: 10 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: This is a touring show put on by one individual going through the entire original trilogy on stage. It’s a fundraiser for the Chattanooga Theatre Centre taking place, March 2nd in the evening at 8 PM and March 3rd for a matinee showing at 2:30 PM. Referred by: We’ve seen you at numerous other charitable events at the Chattanooga Symphony and through our participation in Dragon*Con.
  2. Event Name: Tri-State Home Show Venue: Chattanooga Convention and Trade Center Venue address: 1100 Carter Street Chattanooga, Tennessee 37406 USA Event Start: March 2 Event End: March 2 Event Website: homeshowchattanooga.com Expected number of attendees: 10,0000 Requested number of characters: 8 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: 53rd Home Show. Over 500 booths set up displaying home products, remodeling, new construction, etc. Children's events and family fun. Referred by: You can come out to our show for years.
  3. CSCC Maker Faire

    Event Name: Maker Faire Venue: Cleveland State Communiity College Venue address: Cleveland , Tennessee 37312 USA Event Start: 02/02/2019 - 9:00 Event End: 02/02/2019 - 12:00 Event Website: Expected number of attendees: 400 Requested number of characters: Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: Maker Faire Steam activities for elementary school students . Referred by: Michigan Avenue
  4. until
    Event Name: Metrotham Con Venue: Camp Jordan Arena Venue address: 323 Camp Jordan Pkwy East Ridge, Tennessee 37412 USA Event Start: 03/22/2019 - 10:00 a.m. Event End: 03/24/2019 - 5:00 p.m. Event Website: www.metrothamcon.com Expected number of attendees: 500-1500 Requested number of characters: 10 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: Metrotham Con is a multi-fandom event including comics, anime, pop- culture, cosplay, sci-fi, LARP, music, 80's throwback, etc.. (3 day event) Referred by: Through friends, ads, social media, and other Cons
  5. until
    Event Name: World of Wheels Venue: Chattanooga Convention Center Venue address: 1150 Carter St Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402 USA Event Start: 1-11-19 - 3:00 pm Event End: 1-13-19 - 6:00 pm Event Website: worldofwheels.net Expected number of attendees: 27,000 Requested number of characters: As many as possible Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: Family friendly car show with vendors & celebrity appearances. Referred by: We have worked with the 501st for several years
  6. Autumn Children’s Festival

    Event Name: Autumn Children's Festival Venue: Tennessee Riverpark Venue address: 4301 Amnicola Hwy CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee 37402 USA Event Start: October 6 - 10 am Event End: October 7 - 5pm Event Website: rmhchattanooga.com Expected number of attendees: 3,000 Requested number of characters: 10 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: Ronald McDonald House Charities' 29th Annual Autumn Children's Festival will be held at the TN Riverpark and will draw over 3,000 attendees to enjoy various children's activities.
  7. until
    Event Name: TVA Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Community Day Event Venue: TVA Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Venue address: 2440 Igou Ferry Road Soddy Daisy, Tennessee 37379 USA Event Start: July 20, 2018 - 10:30 pm Event End: July 20, 2018 - 3:30 pm Event Website: Expected number of attendees: 3000-5000 Requested number of characters: 3-5 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: TVA Sequoyah will be hosting a Community Day event on July 20, 2018. We will be inviting several thousand local community members, local officials and media as well as other key stakeholders to the plant (outside the protected area) to take part in the carnival-like event. Activities will include learning booths, live music, kids activities, games, food and refreshments. The goal is to connect with the local community, and share with them what we do at Sequoyah to provide safe, reliable electricity to the area....and to have fun! We can provide changing rooms for characters in the nearby Training Center (less than 1 mile away from event), and shuttle to/from event area. Referred by: 501st member Jim Rolph is a TVA Sequoyah employee.
  8. Chattanooga zoo dream night

    We are gearing up for our Dreamnight event here at the Zoo and would love if the 501st would be available to come out! Our Dreamnight event is on May 31st from 5:30pm-8:30pm. Our Dreamnight event is a free event at the Zoo for families of special needs individuals in Chattanooga. Families get to enjoy the zoo, meet animal ambassadors, play on bounce houses, and more. We'd love if they could also get to meet & get some photos with some different costume characters
  9. Star Wars day at Goal

    Time: 12- 1430 Event: Star Wars at Goal Address: 209 Sunset Dr NW, Cleveland,TN 37312 Giving kids a great time and seeing Star Wars movie Sorry guys that it's short notice.
  10. until
    May 26, 2018 at the mygestic theater in Downtown Chattanooga 12PM to 3PM 311 Broad St, Chattanooga, TN 37402
  11. Greetings from near Chattanooga

    Welcome man. I'm the new squad leader for the Chattanooga area. I live in Cleveland if you need anything just message me on here or facebook Edward Lively
  12. Greetings From Lenoir City, Tn

    Hey Chris how is everything coming along?
  13. Greetings From Lenoir City, Tn

    Your welcome anytime Chris I hope to see you around as well plus I used to work for rural metro up there in Lenoir city plus that is where I be stationed at with the national guard
  14. Greetings From Lenoir City, Tn

    Welcome Chris I remember that day. Seeing your kids smile as I took off my helmet to show her that there was someone real under that mask. Then letting her try it on lol. I am glad I was there to help and I love hearing stories about this. Can't wait to troop with you and see you guys around more.
  15. I have tired everything but It wont let me copy and paste the img link from photobucket. Everytime I try it just freezes on the upload img tab. So can someone help me please thanks. v