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  1. Greetings from Lexington!

    Welcome aboard!
  2. Hello from Brandenburg, KY

    Welcome aboard!
  3. Hello From Louisville

    Welcome aboard! I think I remember seeing you either at Fandomfest or Derby City CC!
  4. Hello from Louisville, Kentucky

    Welcome aboard!
  5. Hello from Lousiville KY

    Welcome aboard!
  6. Greetings from Radcliff!!

    Welcome aboard! I live in Etown should you need any assistance!
  7. Hello From Memphis!

    Welcome to the MSG!
  8. Hello From Sevierville!

  9. Greetings from Knoxville

    Welcome Erik! I got my AP armor in couple weeks ago! Same set up with boots, blaster, holster and gloves. The armor looks great! It's money well spent! Have fun!
  10. Greetings From Scruffy Knoxville

    Welcome aboard!
  11. Hello From Sunny Korea!

    Very glad to be here with the MidSouth Garrison! Huge Star Wars fan! I'm currently assigned as a Tank Platoon Sergeant here on Camp Casey, Korea with "First Tank" (D Co 1-72 AR). I will be returning to my home and family in Etown, KY in a few weeks! As a soon-to-be retired Army NCO, I will have lots of time to help with many local charities. My son and daughter have Autism, so we have supported them and many families in our area with our time and resources. Along with several special needs charities, we have also volunteered with our local Repair Affair to help fix homes that need it. Volunteering is something my family and I love to do (my 3 year old daughter says differently, but she'll come around). My dream (like many of us here) has been to own a set of TK armor, which I will have from AP in a few weeks . I couldn't think of a better way to augment my family's desire to volunteer than to join the 501st! Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to the next adventure! PS..... I rushed the application process and misspelled my own profile name (face palm). It's supposed to be Fiddlers Green, not FIddlres Green. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated before someone from a Cavalry Unit dimes me out
  12. Hello From Sunny Korea!

    Thanks for info! I will be spending some time with family for the next few weeks, but hopefully will be able to attend future events.
  13. Hello From Sunny Korea!

    Yes! Finally back in Kentucky and my AP armor arrived as I got home! As soon as I get over the jet-lag, I would be very interested on any input on how to properly assemble this armor Thanks for the welcome and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone soon!
  14. Hello From Sunny Korea!

    Thank you all for the welcome! Again, I'm very excited to start my build and begin trooping! I will definitely reach out when my time comes to begin the TK build. Apparently, I'm in the right crowd LOL! Thanks again, and I'll be seeing many of you soon!