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  1. Transferred Tk

    Craig, so nice to meet you and get the opportunity to troop with you this morning!
  2. Nearly ready for GMX/Buddy Walk with just hours to spare! Look for my approval submission photos soon.
  3. Hi Guys! Noobie Here

    Welcome!, No worries you're not the only noob on the boards. 6 or 7 months sounds like a terribly long wait, I can barely stand suppliers that ship slower than amazon prime!
  4. Cool, it's too late in Germany to start the quest for imperial crew boots today, but I'll get on it first thing tomorrow morning.
  5. I'll try and get her on, she's not really into most forums and at the moment is knee deep in Dr Who episodes to catch up on since I finally got her to start watching it.
  6. Well I'm stuck between building(time consuming b/c I'm OCD) and buying(seemingly expensive) so I'll likely buy a complete set of one type first then build further sets to fill in different variations as I have time. I just upgraded to a dual extrusion 3d printer and I'm itching to use it for some new cast aluminum molds via lost PLA, but I figure it will take a few attempts before I get a mold good enough to mold my first piece of armour. Smaller molds I've done often have air pockets upon milling that have to be filled by hand via TIG before I can use them. It's not a dealbreaker but it's very time consuming and tedious. I guess my question is which stormtrooper armour can be most affordably purchased and is reasonably accurate to troop in while I tinker with building others. I'm not picky as to which film the armour is accurate to ATM as far as I'm concerned being a stormtrooper from any of the films is better than none.
  7. Erik Rumbaugh Former MTAC staffer, also previously an unaffiliated cosplayer/attendee at numerous cons. Brentwood, TN (just south of Nashville) It's all LCJedi's fault (she told me all about the 501st several years ago when we were co-workers) I wanted to get on the boards so I can better coordinate both my own costume building/gathering adventure and possibly help the Garrison with future events. A little about me: I work at Vanderbilt Medical Center. I frequently volunteer around town. I used to be a semi-professional photographer. I was previously a BMW electrical technician and diagnostician. I have over the years amassed an arsenal of tools that seem to frequently overlap with my hobbies. Over the years I've been known to weld, mill, turn, form, print, and cast. Special thanks to Raychel, Don, Adam, and Edwin for all your splendid hospitality at the recent Way Late Play Date it was great fun. My wife getting to try on Edwin's helmet pretty much sealed the deal, she had a blast, and I'm now researching armor options trying to decide what exactly to make/buy/assemble first. *I certify that no users were PMed in the construction and posting of this message.
  8. Maybe it's another drill.

  9. Do you know what's going on?

  10. Uh, everything's under control. Situation normal.

  11. Your droids. They'll have to wait outside. We don't want them here.

  12. Hey! We don't serve their kind here.

  13. Move along... move along.