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  1. Greetings My name is Tony Aldridge , located in Winchester I have known of the 501st for many years but just never stepped up to the plate. I am an old member from the Hunters Lair ( The predator prop guys ) I am currently taking a break to take care of some personal business and have to much time on my hands to sit idle for to long. I use to be the production worker but mainly employ in the personal security consultant contractor field ( Body Guard ) I also enjoy in the art of jewelry and gem stone cutting so I enjoy attention to detail. I met one of your members on here a long way back in college and have recently reconnected with him, so here I am looking into the 501st and a new hobby. Cant wait to get started on this new addiction. I only have one small issue. Can you squeeze a 6 foot 260 Lb body guard into a set of armor ?
  2. New Oldie From Winchester

    LOL bro, I had a bunch of figures as a kid but sadly no longer have them. Now as an older kid I am thinking of lining the walls with lots of costumes and armor on full stands. One figure at a time. From what I am seeing so far these figures are a bit expensive. lol
  3. New Oldie From Winchester

    For the Face Book addicts and to contact me even faster than the speed of light use the force and feel free to add me , please let me know you are 501st MSG so I can add you to my 501st group of friends. https://www.facebook.com/tony.aldridge.56 and thank you all for the warm welcome
  4. New Oldie From Winchester

    I am home bound for the next few months it will be early 2015 before I can get out and mingle but this will give me time to get a suit of armor together and gear up to travel and have some fun meeting everyone and doing some work to build the 501st and charity work and of course gear up for those great Cons Plan on getting tired of seeing this Trooper around. I can't wait to begin the fun.
  5. New Oldie From Winchester

    OMG man ! The Mickey Mouse ears just killed me ! Thats great stuff right there. I an starting at ground zero here. Im torn between Sith , Mandalorian or a trooper i got my eye on a Sandpeople too. So i am torn between Vader , Boba a trooper or getting down with the sandpeople...