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  1. Long time out in the Cold

    Good to hear from you again, old friend.
  2. Can't See Calendar

    You are doing nothing wrong. There just aren't any events on the calendar.
  3. Continuous 301 error with Chrome

    I think I found the issue. It's not Chrome-related or even Win XP-related. It was related to the member access level images that were not showing under the avatars. I fixed the image path (the first broken link in your example above), and it seems to have corrected the errors. Thanks for discovering this.
  4. Continuous 301 error with Chrome

    Thanks for the notice. Unfortunately, I cannot replicate any of the errors using Chrome v 27.0.1453.110 on Mac OS X 10.8.3
  5. "Femtrooper Julie" needs some access help

    Sorry for the delay. She should be good to go now.
  6. Upgrade to MSG Membership?

    MSG access granted. My apologies for the delay.
  7. Upgrade to MSG Membership?

    TK 50146 Done! TK 89626 already had full MSG access.
  8. TX-80085 reporting

    Access level changed. Welcome!
  9. unable to view 501st only?

    Access level changed. Welcome!

    Upgraded you to MSG Member status on the forums. Name changed to "Sith Mistress". You'll get an email with details. Welcome.
  11. just joined and excited

    Welcome. Come say hello at CVI. I'll be in the R2 Builders Room most of the time.
  12. Trouble w/ pics

    I've adjusted the settings to allow for a 200KB image up to 300x300px.
  13. Upgrade to MSG Membership?

    Laserbrain, I've upgraded your board membership to MSG member level, per your TK ID and garrison membership listing on the Legion board. The costume approval is Heatray's deal.
  14. Upgrade to MSG Membership?

    All taken care of. Enjoy.
  15. Implemented. You're welcome.
  16. Hello from Gallatin

    Welcome. I grew up in Gallatin.
  17. Birthday listings?

    Fixed. Move along.
  18. Birthday listings?

    I'll check into this. While I am working on the problem, please enjoy this picture of a bunny with a pancake on its head.
  19. Link targets

  20. Greetings 501st-lings

    Welcome, from a fellow scout.