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  1. Going to bump this up to revisit as, albeit a few years late, I finally wrapped up the bridge crew costume and just got my confirmation letter as a 501st member. Hi again! Very nice to meet some of the other Louisville folks a few weeks back. Look forward to meeting more!

    Pretty much everything above remains accurate - still working on getting into TK shape, I've got an Anovos kit for when the day arrives!

  2. Thanks!

    I've got the requisite orders in to do a crewman while I diligently work towards TK-ness. I thought the GB community had long wait times for orders... Anticipation is half the battle I guess :).

    @Jerry - Hi! I got pretty accustomed to working with parts cast in resin and the occasional reinforcement with resin when I built my pack. I don't have any experience doing the actual casting.

  3. Hiya folks!

    Hopeful new guy from the Louisville, KY area checking in :). I have been building Ghostbusters props ever since my fraternity back in college participated in a Halloween charity event and I threw together a super-cheap (and terribly inaccurate) proton pack. The interactions at that event gave me the costuming bug and I've been happily building away in the workshop in whatever free time I could find since. I've long considered pursuing the 501st dream but, honesty is the best policy here, I'm way too fat to be an admirable stormtrooper :). As I said in my FISD intro thread, Princess Leia would giggle profusely if I were the one to fetch her from her cell. I decided a few months ago to change some of that, though - less cheeseburgers and more activity - and what better motivation to continue than the prospect of donning the noble tupperware?

    I've been perusing the FISD forums almost nonstop since coming to the realization that losing weight = stormtrooper and have reached out to the RT-MOD gentleman to see about pricing/waitlist/etc. Given that I've got a lot of work to do before I can even start sizing the costume I'm in no real hurry. I do plan on starting work on a blaster soon(ish), though! I can't quite decide what route to go down - Hopefully I can see some E-11s in the wild before taking the jump. I'm honestly a lot more comfortable working with the blaster than I will be the armor - I became an expert and screwing up resin then fixing my mistakes building my pack.

    I'm planning on going the ESB route I think - I like the non-handpainted lines, the black frown, the right-handed holster. I'll also probably be one of the troopers who ends up trying to fit every bit of electronics possible in his gear - I'm a sucker for a new piece of tech.

    Obligatory proton pack photo as I don't have a suited-up picture handy.