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    TB 10946 of fthe Alabama Garrison, with an eye to attending some troops in TN!
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  1. Pathfinder Scouting Past Established Boundaries.

    They're awesome, and I've gone and gotten them filthy. Must be all that tromping around in the woods.
  2. Hey there. TB 10946 of the 501st Legion, reporting in. Known as Dylan Hollander when not in the armor. I'm a trooper in the Alabama Garrison, approved in February of 2014 and living in Huntsville. Being in the north end of the state, the southern bits of Tennessee aren't terribly far away, and lately me and a couple buddies in this or similar outfits (mandos, rebels) have been talking about making more connections in that neck of the woods. As far as I'm concerned, the more trooping the better. I honestly do local community events in costume all the time just for fun, even when it isn't an official troop. Any excuse to get out the kit! And connections with other garrisons can only be a good thing. Hopefully, I'll get to troop with some of you, and this is a step to making that happen!