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    Interested in joining the 501st. I have been attending joint-op events with the Midsouth Garrison and the Rancor Raiders.
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  1. Introduction

    Welcome! Saw the Mississippi Comic Con in the back ground. Just wondering what city you are from. I'm in Memphis with several others and we go to MS events. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N930A using Tapatalk
  2. Greetings from Nashville

    I ordered an Anovos kit too! Make sure you get with some local guys so your kit gets put together properly. I know there are alot of members in Nashville
  3. Greetings from Lexington!

    Welcome! I know a few people are working on Kylo's. Can't wait to see one in person though!
  4. Greetings from Memphis

    Welcome to the MSG. If I'm wrong some one correct me, but I'm pretty sure you can tag along with us to events as a handler if you decide to. Like Justin said the Memphis area events will be posted in the MSG-RRG joint ops section.
  5. Just moved to Memphis!

    Welcome to Memphis! Can't wait to meet you at the game!
  6. Whats popping from memphis!

    Each person normally brings some sort of food or snack that costs about 5$ for every one to share. Other than that bring your self and any props or costumes you are currently working on!
  7. Whats popping from memphis!

    Hey! You should come hang out with the MSG-RRG joint ops this Sunday for our prop party! Its at the Olive Branch public library from 2 to 7. I'm from memphis as well.
  8. Hello From Memphis

    Thanks for all the welcomes. I am currently working on posting a build thread.
  9. Hello Everyone, My name is Brian McGinnis. Chances are you have read my brothers introduction on here. For a few months I have been attending events with the Rancor Raiders and the MSG. I currently attend CBU working on two degrees, Eletrical Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Unlike my brother I do not attend many events at my school and as a result I have time to work on costumes and such. I am a Halo costumer at heart, and most Halo costumers make their stuff from scratch. I also love dressing up in a costume and walking about having pictures taken of me. Unfortuantly, I really only wear my Halo costumes a few times a year(Conventions and Haloween). One day my brother made a joke about how he should have spent the money for his computer on a clone. I told him to make me a vaccuforming table and I'll work on the rest. He and I are currently working on Null-ARC Troopers. I am responsible for most of the broad general shaping work and such. While my brother is incharge of making the vaccuforming table, researching 3D printers ad such for me. We are both having fun planning out the electronics for the ARCs, probally going over board a bit. Yet having a compad full of buttons that do nothing is really boring. I am also working on a project for the Rancor Raiders Liason (I hope thats his title) Justin for a commuincation system. I'll post a WIP for that soon. Sorry for the long post. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Sincerly, Brian McGinnis