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  1. Finally!!!

    This is awesome! Congratulations!
  2. TK 58058 Reporting for Duty!

    Hahaha Welcome James! (This is a follow-up "Welcome" from the other night!)
  3. Greetings From Lenoir City, Tn

    Very cool!
  4. Greetings from Radcliff!!

  5. MidSouth Garrison is awesome!

  6. Hello from Lexington Ky

  7. Hello From Louisville!

  8. Greetings from Cleveland, TN

    Welcome to the MSG, these are some of the best people you will meet in your lifetime. I am new as well and they took me in with open arms! Love it here.
  9. Just found out I will be at Disney World during SW Weekends! SO EXCITED!!! :D Have been there before at Disney Land, but not with my own gear... this will be amazing!!

  10. Hello From Kentucky

    Hi Chris! Welcome! I am new as well. I can not offer any real advice, but I ordered a RS Prop Masters TK suit about a week ago and I picked the ABS material. I was researching and asked here and it sounds like it was the way to go. Good luck!
  11. Hello From Fort Campbell (Deployed)

    Naborjohn: That is awesome, I will have to get in touch with you. My wife is almost done with her Juno Eclipse costume and then she will start on the 6 year old's Jawa. She is making my son a small Boba Fett suit. Might be the cutest Fett ever! lol I kid. But, I will definitely hit you up when I get home. Thank you!
  12. Hello From Fort Campbell (Deployed)

    Thank you Commander APPO!
  13. Hello From Fort Campbell (Deployed)

    Tambo: I will be home in April some time. We should definitely get together. I am glad to hear there are more military in the Garrison and I can say I am not surprised. Normally all active and veteran military love to have fun and help others and I see this hobby as a way to do both! Hawk: Thank you for the welcome and it is my privilege.