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  1. Carolina Garrison member currently in Nashville.

    Welcome aboard
  2. Hello from Nashville!

    Welcome aboard!
  3. Whats popping from memphis!

    Welcome! Glad you are here
  4. Hello from Nashville area

    I'm ready to meet all of you. I hope there is a meetup or hang out planned. I'm making myself available to help with march of dimes on May 3rd so I hope I'm able to lend a hand
  5. Ha! I love it. Too broke for Anaheim armor party. Welcome
  6. Hello from Nashville area

    Do any of you have twitter handles ? Would be nice to have another way to communicate with you guys and gals
  7. Hello from Nashville area

    Thank you all for the welcome. I'm really excited to be here with you all
  8. Hello from Nashville area

    Sweet I live off of mt view road
  9. Hello from Nashville area

    Thank you. I hope to be meeting you all soon. Are their any events coming up that are not listed? I suppose the summer season hasn't really kicked off yet
  10. Hello from Nashville area

    I would really like to build a sandtrooper or tusken. I will have to check out the events to see what's coming up
  11. Hello everyone. My name is Andrew Nokes. I've been interested in joining the 501st for a long time. I live in Antioch. I have been trying to get in contact with the local 501st members just to sit down get to know you and talk about what's involved and just have fun. I tend to like more personal experiences than to read everything online. It would be neat to have an armor build but I'm not sure when that could happen for me at this time but I could always help others or take on a different role for the time being. Anyway, I was just wanting to hang out with some of you at some point and get to know the people behind the legion and hopefully troop with you.