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  1. Sorry I have not posted much.  I have moved from Lexington Ky. To Georgetown and I have a ton of costume commissions I am working on every day.  

  2. New to the area

    Hi Mike welcome aboard!!! We trouped together when I was in Virginia.
  3. Overdone, but hello there...

    Welcome aboard!
  4. Hello everyone, we made it

    Great! Welcome! I used to be in Mid South but we have our own Garrison here in Kentucky called Bluegrass Garrison.
  5. New Forum Member

    Their is a forum on submissions and how to do it. You need pictures of front back and then an action pose for your forum pic. Once submitted it will be judged and they will let you know if you need to chance something and resubmit. But children don't have to do that I believe. But there is a junior academy for that
  6. Newly Transferred

    Welcome aboard
  7. Saying hello from Nashville

    Welcome aboard.
  8. Tennessee 501st hopeful

    Welcome aboard!
  9. Introducing myself

    Welcome aboard. The forums can be confusing. I'm still working it out myself. Just take your time and read the subject and see if it interests you. Don't forget to check the command boards for changes in policies ect.
  10. HOWDY

    Welcome aboard Decker
  11. Finally Made It!

    Welcome aboard!
  12. Intro

    Welcome aboard
  13. Introduction from Nashville

    Welcome aboard
  14. Question about Boots.

    You can use German Jack boots which are on ebay or WW2 Tanker boots on ebay also. You can also find them on Trouper boots website too. There should be a list here on the getting started threads as well