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  1. Not transferring garrisons yet. VA has been to good to me through the years. I'm in Millington. 

    That's quite a ways from Virginia! My sister lives in Arlington and is a teacher there. You're gonna want to connect with the Twin Sun Squad folks, they're our Memphis-area squad.

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  2. First place to go is to the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment forums at whitearmor.net. that's the Detachment for the classic Stormtrooper or TK.

    You will see other people's builds, techniques, and find all the info on reputable makers of everything you will need.

    Also take a look at the Costume Reference Library on 501st.com, that's the guide you'll be using to build your armor.

    Keep an eye on the boards here, as it gets nicer outside some of us will be hosting prop parties for building and socializing. Also you are welcome to come to an event and look at the armor up close.

    I'm in Mt Juliet but spend a lot of time in Hendersonville.

    Glad we got your access figured out.

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  3. Heads up it's Census time. If you're a 501st member and you have never registered on the Legion boards you will need to do that to fill out the census. It is required by each member (you can do it!)


    Census can be completed at:



    Please note that Dragon Con does not count as an official troop unless you volunteered to work the table or marched in the parade as part of the 501st.


    If you're seeing this post and not the one in the 501st Only section, that means I haven't heard from you to get your access sorted - shoot me a PM if you're an official member and you're missing access to the rest of the MSG boards.