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    I am a member of the Ohio Garrison. I would like to keep up on events in Northern Kentucky.
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  1. Hello from Cincinnati

    OK, I may have fixed it. You were still registered, so I'm not sure why you couldn't post. I upped your permissions. In theory, you now have the same access as an OG member. Try it and see.
  2. Hello from Cincinnati

    What's your screen name on the OG boards, Uncle? I'll see if I can restore access...
  3. Hello from Cincinnati

    Hey, TK12000 (Barry Munden) here from the Ohio Garrison. I registered for the forum to keep abreast of any events in Northern Kentucky that may benefit from cooperation between our garrisons, and to keep you guys informed of stuff happening in places like Cincinnati that you guys may want to be involved with. We have always had a great time working with you guys at the cons, and have been impressed by the hard work and devotion of your members. Feel free to call on us should ever need anything. Keep up the good work!