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    Aside from a lifelong fascination with Star Wars, I love aviation, hunting, camping, fishing, recreational shooting sports and custom hand loading.

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  1. New guy from Kentucky

    Glad to see you here Joe!! Enjoyed seeing your BB8 at the FF COn and hope to see you again soon. Hoagie
  2. Can you contact me here or on facebook.... 


    Have several new squad members who would like to have MSG membership certificates made...

    The PDF is of my phone... sorry

    Thank you in advance.


  3. Full access requested

    Edwin, can you check me, I still don't see the members portion at the bottom of the forum page.
  4. Full access requested

    John Hoagland requesting full member access TK 30394
  5. Hello from Lousiville KY

    Welcome Stephen!!
  6. Greetings from Stearns, KY

    Welcome sir!!!
  7. DSCN7302

  8. DSCN7299

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  10. DSCN7287

  11. DSCN7284

  12. DSCN7267

    Blue Moon Clan waiting for pictures with the Fans
  13. DSCN7260

  14. DSCN7259

  15. DSCN7247

    Lined up for the first pitch