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  1. Tennessee 501st hopeful

    Welcome aboard. You will find a wealth of information and dedicated troopers here in our garrison. If you have not joined the respective detachment boards for the costumes you are interested in, that would be a big step. They are the specialists in what they do and you will find a greater concentration of members for the costumes detailed. http://www.forcepike.net/ The Sovereign Protectors will be the best place to start. @Dirty Trooper Is a shadow guard, reach out to him and he can offer some assistance.
  2. until
    VERY SHORT NOTICE. Slipped through the cracks. we are human. If we have ANYONE able to support, this, that would be awesome. This is a HUGE event. Event Name: Franklin Tree LIghting Venue: The downtown Square, Venue address: 109 Third Avenue South Franklin, Tennessee 37064 USA Event Start: November 30 - 6pm Event End: November 30 - 9pm Event Website: Franklintn.gov Expected number of attendees: 8-10,000 Requested number of characters: 10?? Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: Hello, you all were a big hit at the Franklin, TN Christmas Tree lighting last year. This event would included legion walking around and taking photos with the crowd. Christmas hats would be festive! Referred by: You came to our event last year.
  3. Salutations

    Welcome to the Garrison!
  4. I am official.

    Congrats! Welcome to MSG
  5. Howdy from Nashville!

    Who let the rebel in!?!?! Welcome!
  6. until
    Event Name: Texas Roadhouse Kid’s Night fundraiser Venue: Texas Roadhouse Venue address: Wilma Rudolph Blvd Clarksville , Tennessee TN USA Event Start: March 19th - 4:00pm Event End: March 19 - 8:00 Event Website: Expected number of attendees: 200 Requested number of characters: 6 Requested character types: Secure changing/staging area: Yes Comments: Texas Roadhouse hosts a kids night each Monday with crafts and events for the children of our adult guests to participate in. Most of these nights are dine to donate fundraisers. We encourage all of our guests to drop their receipts on the way out to donate 10% to one of the local organizations or schools we are raising money for that night Referred by: Daniel Burns
  7. Hello From Ft.Campbell kt

    Welcome to the Garrison. You have been upgraded to 501st membership. Have your old garrison move you.
  8. Hello from Clarksville, TN

    Welcome to Midsouth! Thanks for the help out there today. A valuable asset!
  9. Northern TN hello!!!!

    You're going to be waiting a good long bit. WTF didn't have any runs coming up? He is usually pretty quick and a great dude to work with.
  10. Northern TN hello!!!!

    Welcome to the garrison! You'll find our members have TONS of knowledge about assembly and star wars nerd-dom. While the list of TK kit makers is extensive, none offer a pre assembled ready to wear kit other than RS prop masters, which have a long wait time and may need final adjustment...and not to mention pricey. Honestly, putting together a kit is a very rewarding experience and that will more than likely be the avenue you'll have to approach. You won't be going at it alone, we have members who love helping each other out and sharing their knowledge. Anything preassembled would be used and will still need adjustment to your body for proper fitment. As for makers, check out "Walt's Trooper Factory" on facebook. He makes a great TK kit and not too expensive .
  11. New Recruit active military

    Welcome. Really active crew out in Memphis. Glad to have you.
  12. Welcome to MSG. We will work on full access for you if it hasn't been done so already. We have a couple events coming up in your area.
  13. Hi!

    Welcome! Good crew out that way. glad to have you
  14. Welcome! Connor is a good dude. We miss him. You'll find a very motivated and knowledgeable group here. Any questions, hit any of us up
  15. Greetings From Louisville!

    Welcome to MSG (not the Chinese food kind). You'll find a great amount of knowledge and motivated troopers up in your area Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  16. Howdy from Nashville, TN

    Welcome ! Go get some dirt on that trooper lol
  17. Hello!

    Welcome. We are glad to have you
  18. New from Clarksville

    Welcome. WTF makes a good kit. Have yet to see a Magma in person. Let us know if you need any help.
  19. Returning to Fort Campbell

    Yep, saw that. He was doing it for a good cause, but went the wrong way to do it. especially on an army installation. There's a couple of us here at Campbell. We'll see who we can rally up.
  20. Etown KY, standing by...

    Welcome! Don (Fiddlers Green) is in your area and has a Sandie. Hit him up
  21. Hello from Memphis!

    Welcome! I have an ATA kit, it's a great kit. You'll find tons of knowledgable members here.
  22. My name is David Camacho. Currently stationed at Fort Campbell, living in Clarksville Currently building ATA Stunt armor for 501st approval I learned about this group through Aadam Hehneen, Edwin Gay, and Doug Dyer. I seek access the Midsouth Garrison for knowledge on my build and to know whats going on around our area. I plan on helping out any way I can and start trooping once my kit is done.