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    Avid gamer, play Star Wars Armada, Xwing,and Flames of war. Video games plays Rock Band and World of Tanks on the Xbox.

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  1. Hello From Louisville

  2. Greetings from Stearns, KY

  3. Hello from Franklin, TN!

  4. Finally!!!

    Thanks Alex!
  5. Think I have the pic issue figured out....

    Yep, there I am!!
  6. Finally!!!

    Awesome thanks! And yes I cant paste here either...must be the Explorer...may have to get Firefox or something.
  7. Finally!!!

    Tried that and the site just freezes up....its downright bizarre.
  8. Finally!!!

    Tried that and it keeps telling me I am not allowed to create any more albums....
  9. Greetings from Morgan County

  10. Finally!!!

    Well, still trying to upload a pic with no luck....must be these new code cylinders.
  11. Finally!!!

    Thanks to all, I am glad to be here. Uncle if I could figure out how to put a pic on here I would post a pic, but this forum seems to give my computer fits. Any advice?
  12. Finally!!!

    Just received: My application has been approved and I am now TK ID 13665!!! Reporting for duty!
  13. Greetings from Radcliff!!

    Application in and in the works....how do you post a pic in here, having all manner of issues...
  14. TK 58058 Reporting for Duty!

    Just waiting on a couple of special ordered pieces to arrive for my officers uniform!!