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    I joined the FISD group back in July of 2015 with the dream of being a Stormtrooper. With alot of patience, that dream had become an reality for me. TK 35623 reporting for duty with the Mid-South Garrison and Music City Squad. I am very excited and on fire right now and hope to be Trooping with my new family for years to come. Everyday I think about Trooping and can't wait till my next Troop!!!!!
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I have recently been approved 501st with my ANH HERO STORMTROOPER TK 35623. Hopeful for L3 Centurion. I don't know a stranger and a people person,  love to cut up and have laughter,  always carry a smile,  but I do know when to be serious. I am not a negative person nor do I complain. I think of others before myself, as that is my goal anyways. I have alot of little sayings and often quote movie lines that most people would catch on to. I like to shake hands out of respect to others and seldom hug, hee hee!!!!! I've been happily married for 20 years and have 2 boys the age 19 and 20 years old. They both work in construction. I will soon be employed at Nissan manufacturing and currently work in Pre-delivery repair,  spot paint repair. Our department  is the last wall of defense for bad quality getting out to our customers. I like happy customers,  so in all things I do, i do with others in mind!!!!! In 1980 I saw my first Star Wars movie at a birthday party when I was in kindergarten. Been a fan since that day, I collected action figures for years as a child,  now that I am an adult,  I am an Action Figure,  a Stormtrooper.  I have learned way more on this side of this journey. With the research that comes with a TK build. I walk away with the most interesting finding that I wasn't aware of until here lately. Back in 1975ish, casting for stormtroopers,  the casted for 5'9" 160lbs frames. That was a fun fact that I learned!!!!!