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  1. Hello Fett1!!! Great to hear your interested in joining!!!!! What part of Tennessee do you live??? For intrest in Boba Fett, I highly recommend visiting www.thedentedhelmet.com
    For Jango needs, I highly recommend going to thebhg.net
    Be sure to visit the CRL, Costume Reference Library for Boba and Jango. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to help!!!!!

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  2. Hey Dennis!!! I apologize no one was able to meet with you 3 years ago!!! I am very interested in meeting with you, give a good hand shake and exchange some swag!!!!! I am John McDearmon TK-35623 Music City Squad, Nashville. I live very near Murfreesboro and would happily met up with ya. If you are on Facebook, let's be friends!!!!! Salute to Imperial Officer Dennis Musgraves ID 9234, For the Impire!!!!!

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  3. Hey Jeff, welcome to Tennessee Brother!!!!! John McDearmon here. Be sure to visit Nashville and make a Troop with us soon. I know hwy 22 very well. I was born and raised in a small town of Dresden. I know Humboldt very well. Very nice being close to I-40. Very convenient

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  4. Hey Nate!!! Just stopping by to say hi and good luck and enjoy this process. I am by no means and expert with Imperial Commanders, I just TAKE orders from them. Even they make fun of me for being such a short Stormtrooper, but they know my skills. Someone with a better understanding of things for Commander will be here shortly. Oh, Welcome to the Imperial Academy!!!!!

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  5. Once you goto whitearmor.net
    Look for New Recruit
    Then goto, Getting Started - Read this first
    There you will find, various types of armor.
    We are excited that you guys are interested in joining the Empiral Academy, hee hee!!!
    Be sure to ask any questions that you may have. We believe in Troopers helping Troopers!!!!! Again congratulations on pursuing your dreams and joining Shinny White Armor!!!!!

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  6. Welcome Chuck, I was recently approved back this past April. I built ANH HERO and ordered from Walts Trooper Factory, (WTF) I am 5'6" 180 lbs and found that Walts Armor fit my body type best. Absolutely go to whitearmor.net to find out the list list to stay away from, like Ebay sales. Be sure to introduce yourself at whitearmor.net and state your body size and type and ask for recommendations on Armor Makers based on your body type. The most common TK is a Stunt build, very few build a Hero. Walts Armor runs $685 as other range much higher. Keep in mind, that is the price for Hard Parts only, (from the Armor Maker) you have to find suppliers for all your soft parts and you could end up spending $1600 - $2000 on your first build. If I can further help or explain, please feel free to reach out to me. I currently live in Auburntown, 16 miles South East of Murfreesboro. Troopers helping Troopers!!!!!

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  7. A TK im actually buying armor from a friend in the 501st legion out in Vegas!
    Do you know what Maker he purchased the TK from??? I am sure you are already aware, when you have your kit ready, you will have to resubmit that Armor for Basic Approval for 501st. Just trying to help out incase you didn't know. Again congratulations on this road you are on!!!!!

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  8. Update. My BBB Day is in route I found out today. I ended up going with WTF. A friend in our Garrison explained that most troopers are more experienced with WTF armor. Yeah I saw a guy ordered from Anvos and received year and a half later. Ouch

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  9. I am not. my TK is a regular one, not a Sandy. I know those of us that have a Sand trooper would probably be on there.
    Oh ok, well that makes sense. It was the first time I've seen that thread and didn't sign up, just wasn't sure what it was about. Thank you for the info.

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  10. I would absolutely recommend Walts kits. Only complaint I have is the chest piece is a little small, so if you are a bigger trooper, may not look right on you. Ah! if you are in M'boro, Let me know if I can help you!
    Oh, believe me, I already thought about picking your brain about builds!!!!! I live at Brentmeade Drive by the VA Hospital. Thank you for opening the door to ask questions if needed!!! This will be my first build and been studying for 13 months now and i'm ready

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  11. I used WTF because I wouldnt have to wait a year to get my stormtrooper armor
    Yeah that totally makes sense, I have heard of some pretty ridiculous long anticipation for BBB Day!!!!! Thank you soooooooo much Edwacoo, my fellow Murfreesboro Trooper!!!!!

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  12. I looked around and spoke with people on the forums and FB. I finally went with WTF just because the FB group made me feel more welcome and more involved with helping with questions.

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    Thank you Asher!!!!! That is great insight, again thank you for your reply and time!!!!!

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  13. Just curious about how our Troops from Mid South Garrison finally made their decision on which armor to get for their 1st build!!! Please drop your testimony on each of your final decision. To be more clear,  I'm really struggling with which maker, TM, WTF, ANVOS, ETC. Each of these can be 501ST, EIB, or Centurion approved. I'm not really struggling with my size either being 5'6 185lbs, even though I will be a little short to be a stormtrooper,  considering Mark Hamill is 5'9. I've been to whitearmour and all other forums studying about different armor reading and studying,  again it is the makers I can't decide. Hoping you can share a word if you guys had the same struggle!!!!!!

  14. I have been seeing a lot of people coming around asking "where do I get armor??" - and while we do not exist as merely a purchase point for costumes, it's important to help prospective members not get ripped off by unscrupulous websites. So, here's a little guide. Feel free to add to it, and if a mod could sticky it that would be awesome!

    So, you want to buy a costume (armor or cloth)? Fantastic! It's an (expensive) but fun hobby that makes a lot of people smile!

    Stay away from places like:




    Star Fortress Productions

    other websites that claim to sell "501st quality" costumes

    Instead, check the following:

    Stormtrooper (TK):

    http://whitearmor.net Sandtrooper (TD):

    http://mepd.net Clonetrooper (CT/TC/CC):

    http://501stclonetroopers.com/forum/ Biker Scout (TB):

    http://bikerscout.net Sith Lord (Any of the Darths) (SL):

    http://501stsithlords.com Snowtrooper (TS):

    http://blizzardforce.com Bounty Hunters (Fetts, etc) (BH):

    http://thebhg.net Imperial Officers:

    http://imperialofficer.com There is a more comprehensive list at:

    http://www.501st.com...php#detachments The people on these forums can be a big help to get you on the right path - use these resources! Also, keep the following in mind:

    Cheap - High Quality - Fast

    You can only have two of these!

    Cheap and fast = low quality

    Cheap and High Quality = takes longer

    High Quality and Fast = not cheap

    Good luck!

    Have you heard of TM Armour??? Troopermaster on FISD

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