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  1. So for a more personal information about me. I'm 42, been a Star Wars fan since I was 5 in 1980. I've been married for 18 years which isn't enough, hee hee!!! I have to boys who attend school at Oakland High. I work at Nissan in Smyrna for 16 years and I have my Platinum Trophy in Star Wars Battlefront. Hope you guys got a laugh out of that!!!

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  2. You know what would be AWESOME!!! Putting on boots with the Mid-South Garrison. I have a strong desire to joining this Garrison. Looking forward to building ESB Stormtrooper or a Shadow Trooper. E-11 Blaster is where I will start at. So thankful for a forum like this for directions and ideas. Looking forward to meeting our local Garrison Members some day!!!!!

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