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    My family is my life! Star Wars has always been a joy to me since the first time I watched it. And even more joy in seeing my kids loving it too.

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  1. Back on track again

    Your good. There's no app intill your costume is complete.
  2. Hello all!

    The Bats games are AWESOME! EVERYTIME! look foward to seeing you!
  3. Hello all!

    Welcome to the forum! U going to the Bats game?
  4. Hello

  5. Hello there

    welcome, “Only cops and vampires have to have an invitation to enter.”
  6. Halloo :)

    Hey Cari, welcome to the forums! hope to see u
  7. Hello

    Welcome Sean! Glad to have you with us!
  8. Visiting from SCG

    Hey Erik! Welcome. If I wasnt 4 hours away Id take u up on that. We have alot of troopers in that area hope they check the forum to meet up with you.
  9. I am official.

    Congrats! Welcome
  10. Howdy from Nashville!

    welcome to the MSG!
  11. New member

  12. Star Wars Lover

    Welcome to the group. Glad to see u here.
  13. Howdy from Binghamton!

    Hey Welcome! Just look for a guy in a racing shirt or at the props. they can direct u to the changing area.
  14. Nameless_Nick

    Hey Nick. Love DZ's!
  15. Finally Official

    Glad to have you Becki!! welcome