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  1. Introduction from Walton Ky

    Are you on Facebook? We have a squad page and I can add you.
  2. Introduction from Walton Ky

    Hey Mike. We have a small group of members from Derby City Squad just to the north of you in the Florence area. You are welcome to come out to any of our events and hang out. We always need handlers and photographers. It’s a good way to get to know your local legion members while pursuing your first costume.
  3. New transfer reporting in

    Damn Hoosier! Welcome to the MSG and Derby City Squad!
  4. Hello from Germany

    Hey. We have several events in September and October. If you need to ship your gear let me know and you can send it to my house.
  5. Welcome to The Derby City! There are several experienced builders in your area. If you have any questions just ask. We also have several events coming up in Louisville. Feel free to come on out and join us. We are always in need of folks to help out in and out of costume.
  6. Greetings From Louisville!

    Welcome to the MSG Travis. We have several events already planned this year in the Louisville area. Conglomeration is this weekend if you want to come out and meet some of the local guys.
  7. Hello from Brandenburg, KY

    Welcome Caleb. I'm just up the road in Louisville so we'll probably be trooping together soon. Larry(Uncle on forums) is building a Kylo right now and so is Ben Popplewell. I'm sure they can give you some pointers.
  8. Hello from Louisville!

    Welcome Bryan. I have a Tie kit that I've been working on for my son and my wife is doing one also. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Come out and join us at a troop...we always need a few extra hands.
  9. Hallo from the Ville!

    Glad to see you made it Vince. Welcome aboard!
  10. Long Time, No See

    No trimming needed, unless you count the sharp edges and maybe the slots for your straps. Buy a 3 piece set of Lexan scissors and a nice razor and you should be set. Just a little sanding on the edges will be needed. Jeff at SC is awesome. His customer service, response time, and shipping times are second to none.
  11. Long Time, No See

    Welcome. Depending on what armor you choose there shouldn't be much trimming involved with a TB. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  12. Hello from Evansville, Indiana!

    Welcome. I'm in Louisville. There aren't many of us in this area so I would welcome anyone that wants to come and troop. I'm working on a Tie Pilot for my son and my wife is working on one as well.
  13. Hello from Lousiville KY

    Welcome Stephen! I am also in Louisville. The JDRF walk is next weekend at Churchill Downs.
  14. Hello, My name is Patrick McMahan and I'm a new guy from Louisville, Ky. I've been following the 501st for awhile and hope to have my Biker Scout build finished very soon. I'm also waiting on my Anovos TK armor so I hope to get started on it around Christmas(if it ships on time). I've already met a few guys, but I hope to start trooping with you soon! I've been a Star Wars nut all my life and I've passed it on to my 6 year old son(he was a stormtrooper last year and is Kylo this year).