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  1. Dune Sea Garrison Transfer

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I'm contacting my DSG people today trying to get the transfer figured out. I'm planning on going to Cincy ComiCon, what's the difference between that and the Comic Expo? (other than they are on different weekends in September) I was going to costume as Mary Poppins (the bf does an amazing Bert) but maybe I should dust off the Tusken earlier so I can find you guys
  2. Hey all! My name is Cindy Glover. I started out in 2006 as sort of a groupie of the DSG in Phoenix (tagging along to events, providing costume support, wrangling, taking photos etc) and eventually made my own female Tusken Raider costume and got it approved in 2008. I have very recently moved to northern Kentucky for school (NKU) with my boyfriend. He is not a member yet, but he's a fan and a great guy and hopefully we can make him his own costume soon! I haven't done a whole lot of troops in the last year or so (life happens) but I'm thinking that once we get settled in here I'd like to dust off the ol' Tusken and maybe even start some new projects. Looking forward to getting to know you all!!