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  1. Hello From Ft.Campbell kt

    Welcome to the Midsouth Garrison Skylar. There is an event in town on Friday the 12th. Would love to have you along if you're free.
  2. Reporting in from M'boro TN

    It's about time you found your way over here! Lol Good job Edwin!
  3. Hello from Clarksville

    Hello Alex, I'm also in Clarksville. I believe we've met before at Gamestop.
  4. New guy here in Clarksville area. I'm an official member with the Mercs and I met a few of you at the Force Friday Toys R Us release here in town. I'm looking to build a Storm Trooper Commander and just a Regular TK. Planning on Knocking the Commander out of the way first. I know the Standard TK would be easier but I really have a fascination with the Commanders. I hope to have a build thread up shortly so I can start with that.
  5. Thank you guys for all the words of encouragement. I've meet a few of you by now and its such a pleasure interacting with you all. As of a few days ago I've taken up leadership with the Tennessee/Arkansas Clan of the Mercs and would like to extend a formal handshake out to you all.
  6. Thanks guys for the warm welcome. Hopefully I can get everything bought and ready by April